ACEN 2016: Welcome to the Big Time (Part 4)

Basic CMYK

Meh: Lines and Camera Pains

I’m not sure why I ended up deleting it, but the line I was in for Masquerade seating that I took a photo of had already spilled out into the sidewalk outside of Main Programming……and the event itself wasn’t even for another two+ hours.  How I even managed as quasi-decent of a seat as I was able to get is beyond me, but I’ll take what I can get.  The weekend (and the Masquerade in particular) made for a bit of an adjustment period as I was trying to get used to the various settings on my phone’s camera.  It’s why I initially ended up with over 600 pics.

Best: Masquerade Photo Spam


Like I said, adjustment period.  There was a gal cosplaying as Dark Magician Girl as well with this entry.


As much as I was a Sailor Jupiter guy, Mars’ sass always had a special place in my geeky heart.  😛


Wow.  Just WOW.


This made me want some Guilmon Bread.


A cute little Destiny skit that ended in a swerve in the form of a marriage proposal (she said yes).  Some may be disturbed by the idea, but I think it’s cute.  #BeliefsOfAHopelessRomantic


We notice you.  😉


And yet, this Black Mage cosplayer was one of the big winners.  It was certainly something else.


Best: Late Night Adventures, Part 2.

Saturday night proved to be slightly more eventful.  While the nightly vgr room trip consisted of little more than bombing hard on a semi truck arcade game and pairing up with a random congoer on a rhythm-based arcade shooter, it was the surprising variety (and quality) of late-night panels that stole the show.  The first of two panels I attended was a hilarious look at all the tropes and “physics” of Sports Animes.  While a good chunk of the panel did focus on Free! and some other recent one about competitive cycling, it was great to see Eyeshield 21 make a couple appearances.  Panel #2 was an entertaining, profanity-laced look at Horror video games.  I might get to playing one or two them if I can ever work up the courage to.  Also maybe playing them in the bright of day.

I do also have to give a Supplemental Best to the group of congoers who decided to host their own outdoor Rave.  Nobody complained (that I’m aware of) and if you’ve ever been at a con rave, it’s not for those who have more sensitive noses (including if you first walk into the room once the rave is well underway).  Kudos to them.

Worst: Is It That Time Already?

I’m only giving this a very soft Worst because it’s a feeling one can almost never get used to: that feeling of dread that tends to surface the Sunday of conventions.  Almost a pre-emptive Post-con Depression, if you will.  One of these days, I will find a way to properly combat it.  But, if any of you have any concrete suggestions, please feel free to send them my way.


Perhaps I can consult Master Splinter and Usagi Yojimbo for some sage advice.

Best-ish: Last Call

Pretty much the entirety of the afternoon (post room check-out) was a fast-paced whirl between table time, a final vendor run, a Kingdom Hearts panel and a last go-round in the vgr.  The vendor run enabled one more gift purchase, the KH panel was fun (and slightly spoiler-iffic) and while the one thing I wanted to check out in the vgr (the old school arcade machines) again were already unplugged and packed up by the time I got there (hence the “-ish”), there was this amusing sight while observing some people playing on the Pokken Tournament cabinets…


Yo Dawg.  I heard you like Charizard…..

Best: Holy Wa!

In what was perhaps THE most mind-blowing moment of the entire convention, I was engaged in conversation with one of the ACEN staffers while in line at the Starbucks at the Convention Center.  According to her, just ON FRIDAY ALONE they had an  Attendance of over 24,000.  And this was an event that last year dew a Unique Member Attendance of over 31,000!  While there hasn’t been any final numbers posted yet as of the time of the posting of the Recap, I’ll be interested to see what happens.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they hit over 35,000.

Last, but certainly not least: One Final Photo Dump


FF7 poloygonic character cosplay is Best FF7 Cosplay.


And the award for Most Surprising Cosplay Appearance goes to……these two.  I honestly never expected to see Angelic Layer cosplay anywhere these days.


Even Kung Fu Panda got some representation at ACEN.


One way to display your Ranger Swag.


Artist Guest Eric Maruscak spent his ACEN Weekend on this giant rendition of ACEN’s program guide cover.  Truly a thing of beauty.



That wraps this up.  See you all at Kitsune Kon!!!!!


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