ACEN 2016: Welcome to the Big Time (Part 3)

Basic CMYK


With our seats secured (Yeah, the front of the half room was for those who wanted to sit on the floor, but not with my bad back) it was almost time to enjoy another of ACEN’s trademark events, Anime Hell! But first, some pics from the pre-show hilarity.


In the first race, Hot Ryu barely managed to outrace Stick and Trump’s hair.  It’s alright, Stick got redemption in the rematch.  😛


Seems legit enough to me.


At least my spoon wasn’t too big. 

I’m not even sure how I can justifiably describe the hilarity and fuggery that was Anime Hell.  It was just one of those things you had to be there for to truly take in.  But undoubtedly, the highlight of the event came when they aired a clip of a really obscure cartoon called Super president, which was followed up by them stating that they though THIS man would make for a great Super President……..


Sega Saturn, shiro!!

Best: Late Night Adventures, Part 1.

As much as I wanted to stick around for the 2nd part of the Doubleheader (Midnight Madness followed it right away), I wanted to wander the grounds some more in search of some late night entertainment.  I think there were a late night panel or two that seemed intriguing, but seeing as I hadn’t checked out the video game room much at all yet, now seemed the ideal time to do so.  While the console side of the room wasn’t all too much to write home about, it was the Arcade side of the room that really stood out, especially all the crazy Japanese arcade games.  One of them, I kid you not, involved flipping tables!!!!  I can’t read Kanji to save my life, but from what I could gather, the game presented you with various scenarios where you just end up getting fed up with your surroundings.  So you respond the way you knew how: pounding on the table and flipping it to cause widespread destruction.  Fun times.  The one game I got a real blast from was something that was pretty much Taiko Drum Master 2.0 (as it included a motion camera for each player which periodically prompted you to do various poses during songs).

Naturally, I stumbled across the opening theme to Kamen Rider Fourze and absolutely nailed it.


Worst: Cold Feet (literally).

As much as I wanted to try to get at least 4 hours of sleep in (never made it to bed until around 3am), the fact that the room’s cold air vent was positioned directly across from where my air mattress was made sure I woke up early all 3 mornings we were there.  Not to mention the cold air exposure left me with a wicked cold I had to deal with for the next week afterwards.  But I guess it did 100% enable me to ensure I made it to the Toku for Beginners panel (this wasn’t Touma’s.  Her other toku panel was actually in a different room afterwards, but I spaced it until well after the fact).  Worth it, maybe?  -shrugs-

Best: Panel Surfing and Things long overdue

I had plenty of time to kill early on in the day between the toku panel, so it was high time for another Dealer Hall run (followed by another short table shift later in the day), which saw a run-in with Kitsune Kon chair Afro Hammer, who was more than happy to tell the story of how he (almost literally) stumbled into his newfound position.  And speaking of more than happy………


Seeing as I had to kill more time until the Tokusatsu photoshoot, I took the chance to take care of something I completely neglected to do during my time in Japan: Play Pachinko.  There were maybe only 8 or 9 machines (a very minor Worst for that), but it was still plenty to see how the game has evolved over the decades. I only gave it one go (you did have to pay for the Pachinko balls because the game is casino-like in nature) and I didn’t last too long, but it felt so damn good to cross that item off my Bucket List.  The one other panel I was able to attend until the wee hours of the morning, titled “Let’s Form A Stand-Alone Complex!, was basically one big Philosophy discussion as it pertained to the GitS shows.  Admittedly, a lot of it was pretty over my head (I only took one Intro class in college), but it’s always nice to see someone know their stuff.


Best: Killer Toku!!!

In what was one of the more memorable parts of my weekend, the one photoshoot I could attend (that didn’t conflict with anything), the Tokusatsu photoshoot.  While it provided another run-in with Touma, it was also a chance to (albeit briefly) meet up with other Toku-loving FB friends including, Brock, Keith (who was still involved with Henshin Justice Unlimited last I checked) and Saija (who runs the totally awesome Japan Hero Collectibles that you must check out).  Some photo highlights (again):


Dapper Ichigo is most dapper.


If the Green MMPR Ranger got the Season 3 treatment.  Love the look.


Instant Classic.

And speaking of original concepts, these guys pretty much stole the show…..


Ladies and gentlemen, Hoenn Sentai PokeRanger!!!

Best: Ultimate Decisions

After the short table stint that saw me spend most of it fighting off some major exhaustion, I made a run to the hotel room for PB sammitches and Ramen, checking ACEN’s schedule on my phone’s Gudebook app while I contemplated what I wanted to do next.  It was still a couple of hours away, but seeing as I love taking cosplay pics, what better chance than to see how the big cons like ACEN do their Masquerades.  I texted Adam in hopes he’d might join along, but I did end up flying it solo, as much as I tend do to at conventions.  Time to see how things look on the big stage.


Let’s follow these attendees to the 4th and final (not to mention most pic-heavy) page of this Recap.


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