ACEN 2016: Welcome to the Big Time (Part 2)

Basic CMYK

Worst: You’re killing me, smalls!

In what was probably the ONE major problem I had with the staff this year, I made my way over to the Panel Room area to get in line for my friend Touma’s panel on Ultraman at 9am (because just about EVERYTHING has a line at ACEN, as I quickly experienced firsthand) only to discover that they were letting NOBODY anywhere near the panel rooms until right around 9.  And yes, that even included the panelists themselves.  Considering one gal I spoke to had her panel at 8:45, you can see where this might cause some justifiable grief.


Best, with only a small dash of Worst: So much to do, nowhere near enough time to do it in.

One of the best things about conventions like ACEN was that there were panels and photoshoots that covered quite literally everything under the geeky sun.  But alas, so much of what I wanted to check out ran at the same time, so I had to make do with what I could.  But at least nothing conflicted with the Ultraman panel.  Not a whole lot to say about the panel itself, but it was a good primer and introduction to one of the older Toku franchises.  Fun times had by all.  :3


Worst: Needle In A Haystack

In what was perhaps the only other semi-major problem I had with ACEN all convention long, it came during my initial run through the Dealer Hall, searching for Tokusatsu merchandise.  With as big of a convention as ACEN is, you would think there’d be at least a somewhat decent representation for Tokusatsu in the Dealer Hall, right?


That big of a Dealer Hall and the ONLY Toku merch I found (outside of an Ultraman shirt I found at another table on Sunday) was one measly tub on the floor that only contained 12-inch non-poseable Vinyl figures.  But yet, there were at least 4 vendors that sold exclusively (or nearly exclusively) various hentai merch.


Best: Vendor Run and Table time!

The Vendor Run wasn’t a total waste though.  Picked up some gifts for the folks, bought Trae’s new UnCONventional book, spent some time at Bal’s Artist table and after a missed opportunity to do so at Ohayocon 2007, got to finally meet Brion Foulke, the webcomic artist behind that fantasy series Flipside (and bought a shirt from him in the process).  Awesome dude, he is.

The good bulk of my afternoon consisted of a couple of shifts at Geek.Kon’s ambassador table (the aforementioned vendor run was in between the two shifts).  It was pretty much your basic table shift (a couple pf pre-reg’s while I was there) with two notable exceptions.  The first came early on in the shift, when Pher (who was at the Nerd & Tie Expo table) had to run off somewhere for a short time.  And considering ACEN has a fairly strict policy that the tables have to be manned at all times while the Dealer Hall is open, he needed somebody to fill in.  So I ended up getting to shill for NEXPO for about 5 or 10 minutes.  Fun times.  I also wasn’t the only one, as Adam got to babysit the Kitsune Kon table for a time later on in the weekend.



Best: Surprise photo ops.

There were just so many good chances at photos this weekend.  Between my table shifts, the Tokusatsu shoot, the Masquerade this is definitely going to be one the more photo-heavy Recaps.  Among the best of the table photos:


Dude even had the voice down for Dark Helmet.  At least he wasn’t surrounded by Assholes this time(it’s a Spaceballs thing).


In a convention that also saw crossovers aplenty, these Sailor Scout Clone Troopers were certainly up there.


The Broforce was strong with these two warriors.


And then there’s this guy.  😛

Best: CONCERT TIME!!!!!!

Considering how full Main Programming was gonna get and how quickly for the Eir Aoi concert, me and Adam left the table early and made our way to the line a solid 90 minutes ahead of time.  Even then, the line had wrapped around a fair ways.  My entertainment options were somewhat limited as my 3DS was out of charge and my phone was hooked up to a recharge pod, but it turned out there was a fellow Tottenham supporter in the line with us, so we were able to talk soccer for a while.  I sadly couldn’t take any pics (it was policy that pics and video couldn’t be recorded of the concert, which is understandable) during the concert itself……


…but that didn’t mean I couldn’t get a selfie in while they were still seating people.  😉

For the unfamiliar, you might recognize some of Eir’s music in animes such as Sword Art Online, Fate/Zero, Kill la Kill and even the PS Vita game Digimon World: Next Order.  The concert itself was just absolutely mind-blowing…and I nearly blew out my vocal cords from all the yelling and cheering.  Well, they did sort of allow ONE picture at the end which you can see here on her FB page.


Worst: Car Troubles and Anime Hell, a combination made in WHERE exactly?

So while security wasn’t letting anybody get in line for another of ACEN’s mainstay events, Anime Hell, until half an hour beforehand, me and Adam stopped back by the room.  It was while we were chilling in the room that I received some rather distressing news.  Seemed the water pump on the Camry went to hell and it wasn’t even a certainty my sis’ car could make the trip either, possibly leaving me without transport back from Columbus to green bay.   I HAD to try to enjoy myself now, cause lord knows what else could happen (fortunately in the end, the folks were able to pick me up from Columbus that Sunday night).


To find out what this madness is, take a trip over to Page 3.


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