GR2 Weekly- Super Delayed 22nd November 2015 Edition


22 November 2015

Evening to you all!  This is Richard “Azzy” Englebert here ready and able to present to you the newest installment of GR2 Weekly!  I once again apologize for the obscene lateness of this edition, but as you will soon see, I have a very good reason for this particular delay.  So with that in mind, we’re just gonna get right to the meat and potatoes of the blog.  Do read on.

Geek Rave of the Week

There are few things out there that have the bonding potential of video games, especially if it’s parent-child bonding.  Well, one Eli Jewett and his dad do enjoy the time they spend together gaming, wether it be Diablo III or Civilization V or even Portal from time to time.  However, there is one thing that limits their experience: Eli’s dad can only use one of his arms.  Because of this limitation, there have been some games where they’ve had to split the duties in order to play the game.  But as stated in a Gamespot article, one particular game has proven too tough for even them to split the work: Skyrim.


So, Eli took to Reddit to find a solution to their dilemma.  An individual by the name of Chris Hepburn saw Eli’s request (for a one-handed Steam controller configuration) and coule only reply with the approximation of…


While the challenge was indeed quite a difficult one, Chris was eventually able to come up with a configuration using a mix of buttons on the controller’s right side and motion controls that you can see in this YouTube video.  Chris subsequently offered to Eli that he’ll make any needed tweaks that may arise should his dad have any issues.  I hope that makes you feel pretty good, because what comes next is a bit of a mixed bag at best.


Geek Rant of the Week

First off, for the few of you who have just recently either “Liked” the Facebook page for GR2 Weekly and/or recently followed me on Tumblr and WordPress, I can only say:


I’ve been doing this blog as a hobby of mine for what would have been 2 years on January 19th 2016.  I say “would have been” because, quite frankly, I’ve been in a state of near total burnout for the last couple of months.  So yeah, this will be (for quite some time, at least) the final installment of GR2 Weekly.
I’ve just gotten to the point between the weekly deadlines and stressors from both work and other things in my life, it’s become pretty much impossible to carry this on.  But between a group of Gamergaters who photoshopped an innocent Canadian to make him look like an Islamic State extremist and the upcoming edition of The Game Awards having only ONE female judge out of a panel of 32 judges, I definitely had my prime choice of candidates for Ranting. However, I ultimately figured this section would be better suited to explain my reasoning and future plans for both the GR2 Weekly FB page and what I will be doing moving forward.

First thing I will now do is explain the immediate future plans.  While I did earlier mention my state of burnout, I just couldn’t give up on the blog just yet because I do enjoy writing very, very much.  What I needed was another way to engage in the activity.  Then a few nights ago, as I was laying down in bed, the light bulb finally switched on.  I knew what I wanted to do.

I wanted to write a book.


Yeah, pretty damn crazy, I know.  I haven’t even started primary research for my book and I have already run into a good amount of self-doubt about the project.  But through the support of some of my close friends and another friend who has already offered to read and edit said book for me, I’m gonna go ahead and give this book idea a shot.

So you are probably asking yourself at the moment “Well, what does this mean for the future of the Facebook page for GR2 Weekly?”  I’ll explain exactly what this means.  I have no intentions of completely shutting down the page (or even the Tumblr and WordPress blogs).  I may very well still post some linkage with the occasional mini-blog entry if I do feel like it.  Also, the FB Page will get renamed Azzy’s Geeky Galaxy to more accurately reflect the current state of events.  In regards to the book, I don’t have much more than a vague idea of what I want to write about, but it’s enough to get me started.  As I make any kind of significant progress on the book, I’ll be sure to keep you posted.  The big question is how I’m gonna get the son-of-a-gun published once it’s finally done.  But I’m not even going to sweat that now.  I’ll just cross that bridge when I get there.  However, if any of you reading this know of anybody who might be able to help me with that, please feel free to give me a heads-up.  I would very much appreciate it.


Well, my fellow geeks and geekettes across the interwebs, that brings this final edition of Geek Rave and Geek Rant Weekly to its conclusion.  It’s been one hell of a ride the last couple of years, for both the good times and the bad.  And if I was able to even entertain any of you even just a tiny smidge, then it was all worth it.  But to quote a line from the Semisonic song “Closing Time”: “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”   Until next time (whenever that may be)….,



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