Geek.Kon 2015 Recap: A Home Away From Home

Basic CMYK


Before I proceed with the Recap, I feel a need to share this particular comic from the ongoing webcomic series UnCONventional, which you totally need to check out if you haven’t already:


Seriously, give it a look

There is a very valid reason for this.  I was looking back on some of my previous Recaps and noticed a disturbingly recurring theme: I kept (what I would consider to be) whining about having a major case of Con Jitters right off the bat in said Recaps.  While the fact about having the aforementioned jitters is true (something that usually doesn’t help those like me who suffer from depression and anxiety issues), the fact I kept bringing that up is getting pretty old.  So, much like how Trae wrote this particular comic to remind himself of stopping something he kept doing in his medium, I’m sharing this comic to remind myself not to mention about Con Jitters in my Recaps anymore.

Well, that and it gives me a totally legit excuse to plug an awesome-as-balls webcomic.  Now back to your regularly scheduled Recap.

While the fact is true I am no stranger to being a Staff member at conventions (I was with Kitsune Kon for its first four years), the fact I was Staffing once again and at Geek.Kon, no less, brought forth some unique circumstances.  No longer was I manning a Video Game Room (though I was still able to lend them some of my games and equipment), but I was still in charge of the Geek Music Video Awards, which was our version of an AMV Contest.  I also had a few Gopher shifts scattered throughout the con, which pretty much involves being on Standby in Con Ops and filling in where needed.  Simple enough stuff and a good way to get back into the swing of things, right?

The trip down to the convention Thursday was notable for a couple of reasons.  First, I actually managed to remember pack everything for the first time in forever.  Secondly, due to both construction and my directionally challenged state, I got lost on the way to Adam’s place.  Twice.  I managed to find my way there soon enough though.  His and Simone’s cats, Tsume and Zoey, were quick to greet me once I stepped foot inside for some FIFA action (since it was and did end up being the only chance we had the entire weekend).  Nothing much of note from the pair of 2-0 losses save for the fact the 2nd match (where I played as VFL Wolfsburg and Adam as FC Köln) had an Own Goal scored embarrassing enough to even make Sunderland fans blush with shame.



Another plus to doing Staff duties that didn’t involve setting up the Video Game Room was that I could afford to arrive later in the day and me and Adam did just that.  But seeing as that the one big thing I had to worry about was judging for the Geek Music Video Awards (which I would later get help with), I mostly just hung out with him, occasionally helping out with the occasional menial task.


Like A BAWS (Big A** Wall Schedule)!!!!

While we were posting up the BAWS’s, we noticed one of the hall lights constantly flickering on and off.  I just turned to him and mentioned that if we didn’t have a “supernatural” theme to our event this year, I would have been a bit more unnerved by this.  He agreed.

Without a lot else to do until the final Staff Meeting, I used the time to get my things in the crash space, my video game goods to the VGR and chill in Con Ops to catch up on Recap notes and 3DS Street Pass tags.  An hour and change later, it was time for some post-meeting Pizza in the Hospitality Suite and GMV judging.  We had a pretty solid crop of videos and it was pretty tough deciding the winners, but decisions were ultimately made.  With nothing else on the agenda and the hotel bar closed for the evening, it was time to get some shuteye and await tomorrow’s adventures.

I got up around 7-ish the next morning, swinging by the Suite on the way downstairs for a pizza breakfast, followed by some minor assisting (and subsequent chill time) in the Video Game Room before my first Gopher shift of the day. The shift itself, mostly consisting of helping Badge Check the Vendor Room (which was still being set-up at the time), went smoothly enough.  Now that I have a smidgebit of free time until the next shift, time for some con friend run-ins!  Cheesus was the first one I ran into, followed by Ash not too long after.  Me and Ash did manage to make some time to hang out for a bit and make a quick run around the Vendor Room before the 2nd of my Gopher shifts.  But before that………


A wild DeadmauTrio appears……to guide you over to Page 2.

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