Geek.Kon 2015 Recap: A Home Away From Home (Page 3)

Basic CMYK

The Rest Of The Convention

While some staff obligations kept me from attending a couple of their other panels (and understandably so), the Ned The Dead Q&A I was thankfully able to attend.  One reason was because I had a couple of things I needed him to sign and secondly, my friend Chris requested I ask Ned if he remembers about getting letters from “The Sore Red Monkey Butt Gang”.  Oh, he remembered them all right.  😛


Or WHAT?  😛

It was soon enough time for another Artemis shift, as Gerry was in need of some sustenance and I did make a point of stopping by several times throughout the day to see how things were going.  I was also asked by him to take over once more a bit later in the evening so he could attend some panels, a request I happily obliged with.  But more on that in a bit.

I did eventually proceed over to what would be the seating line for the Cosplay Masquerade, still obtaining a sweet spot towards the front despite how close it was to them opening the doors.  The seat I got once they let us in was in the front left row and would be good under most circumstances.  But alas, between the now questionable quality of my camera and the (very understandable) ban on using Flash Photography, almost all of the Masquerade pictures turned out like absolute garbage.  You can go ahead and check them out on my Facebook page, but be forewarned, they’re not that great…..and those were the salvageable ones.


Note to self: invest in new camera upon acquisition of tax refund next year.

And in a sheer act of perfect timing, I got the notification text from Gerry to return so I can enable him to attend those panels he had his eye on just as the judges went to do their deliberations.  Well, I did sorta swing by the hospitality suite for a quick nibble beforehand.  I arrived to see both “bridges” well into their respective campaigns.  There were (thankfully) no major hiccups during my stint and we were even graced by the presence of some of the Security team taking advantage of some downtime to engage in the awesome sauce that was Artemis.  One thing I noticed throughout my times helping out with Artemis was that people gave their starships some very creative names.  In the spirit of creativity, I jokingly suggested to the Security staffers to name their ship the “Fluffy Bunny”, telling them in the process “what enemy of the Federation could lice down the same of being beaten by something named Fluffy Bunny?”.  They took the idea and ran with it.


Make it so.

Seeing as Otaku Tonight was already well underway by the time Gerry came back and there wasn’t a whole lot else going on I was interested in (the Five Nights At Freddy’s haunted mase had a ridiculously long line), I headed up to the hotel’s second floor for the convention’s lone Room Party which was being hosted by Kitsune Kon.  No BLT wraps or foreman burgers this time around, but the crock pots of meatballs and “Mike’s Mystery Pasta” (which was a random mix of different pasta types) and the array of snacks that accompanied it were more than delicious enough to make up for it.  Even managed to get in for a round or two of Super Smash Bros with one of my new Mains, Ryu before we watched some Scott Pilgrim.  I stepped out into the hallway for a bit, where me and Afro Hammer ended up shooting the breeze for a bit.  Good times.

But my night was not yet over, as I quickly learned I was needed to help Badge Check the Mixer for about an hour.  It was……well……an eventful hour, to say the least, though getting to see Erica in her outfit for the Mixer was a pleasant sight (had to get her into the Recap somehow).  Thankfully, I was soon relieved of my duties and bee-lined it to my hotel room to get at least some degree of sleep.

Now for the mandatory cosplay photos before we wrap things up for this recap:


So simple, yet soooooooo effective.  Good for them they entered the Masquerade.


Very interesting take on Captain America.  Can’t help but think though I’ve seen this person elsewhere before.  Hmmmm.


Managed to run into Nick and Reanna a few times throughout the convention.  Those two are adorable together.  ;P


Dapper Vader is Dapper, indeed.


Not so much a Cosplay as it is an excuse to give a plug for Autumn’s awesome creations, like the Meow (Space Dandy) hat you see on my noggin.


Because who DOESN’T love Diglett?

After a good shower and clothes change, I was about to head right out with the eventual intent of getting my stuff out of the hotel room.  But then Bob stopped me on the way out, suggesting now might be the ideal time to do so.  Seeing as I didn’t have much else going on until the GMV Awards, I figured “eh, why hot” and did just that.  It turned out to be a very wise suggestion on his part, as it turned out I would not have been able to do so the rest of the day.  Thanks, Bob!

The Geek Music Video Awards were soon upon us and as I earlier stated, the 5 videos we got (a total that would be awesome to double for next year) were all pretty solid and mostly went without a hitch, though sadly one of the entrants didn’t make it for the event.  The panel was pretty well-attended (somewhere between 20-30 people) given it was taking place in the midsts of the “check out of the hotel” morning rush.  Expect to see them up on YouTube soon if you didn’t get a chance to see them.

My final staff duties of the day involved a lot of Badge Checking for the Video Game Room in the afternoon, so I made a point of going around the Vendor/Artist room both before and after to give my goodbyes to people and buy that Meow hat I posted the pic of a couple paragraphs ago.


Because I felt like posting one more cosplay pic.  :3

After a final walkaround to remind my fellow Staffers about Closing Ceremonies and one final playaround in the Video Game Room, it was sadly time for Closing Ceremonies.  This year ended up being our (overall) most successful year yet in terms of attendance and Charity Fundrasing, netting both 2,580 paid attendees (almost 3,000 if you included everybody else) and due to a last-minute surge at Closing Ceremonies, over $1,000 for Seconded Harvest food bank!  And with the announcement of next year’s “villain” theme and August 26th-28th dates, that was it, time to tear everything down.

There wasn’t a whole lot for me to actually do, but I did end up helping out a few areas, including Video Game Room so I could also acquire the goods I lent them.  It was during this part of things I was introduced to one of Deanna’s friends and fellow Power Rangers enthusiast Natasha.  I might have gotten a smidge distracted.  😛

As much as I had wanted to stay for the Post-convention “Dead Dog” party, it wasn’t going to be until at least 8 or 9pm and I had to get the car back into Green Bay before 11, so I decided to leave around 7-ish, stopping at the new Five Guys joint that was where the Denny’s used to be.  I didn’t leave though without giving my final goodbyes to the staffers who were in the Con Ops room, nearly crying in the process.

For those of you on Geek.Kon staff who weren’t there at the time, let me reiterate how much of a blast I had working with you.  You are all a pretty epic bunch and you made me feel so at home and like I belonged with you.  We are sooooo gonna blow the roof off that event next year and I can hardly wait for it.  Damn, just typing this up is making me tear up a bit.  :’)


I’ll have my own Dead Dog party!  With Burgers and Fries! In fact, screw the party! 😛

Until the Recap Season Finale at Titletown Comic and Entertainment Expo, this is Azzy, signing off.

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