Geek.Kon 2015 Recap: A Home Away From Home (Page 2)

Basic CMYK


As much fun as it was getting to spend time with Ash, duty was calling, so it was back to Con Ops for the next shift of Gophering……..which saw me doing virtually no such thing almost the entire time.  It did give me plenty of time to surf Facebook on my tablet and write Recap notes. But something else happened during the shift that caught me a bit off-guard, albeit in a pleasant way.  I got asked by Maggie (with one or two others chiming in) “So, when are you finally moving down here to Madison?”

Right at the end of the shift, I turned to Chris (our Workforce Head) out of courtesy if he had anything for me before I left the room.  Next thing I knew……..


I don’t think this is Kansas anymore, Toto.

So yeah, I totally got recruited to help man the Tabletop Room’s check-in table.  The procedures were simple, yet effective enough which made for a fairly smooth go-round (save for when things got a tad busy during the solo part of my stint).  I was eventually relieved just in time for one of the panels being run by the Ned The Dead crew.  The panel in question, “The Evolution of “B” Movies” was being flown solo by Doc Morreau as Ned and Kenobi-wan wouldn’t arrive until the following day.


No way was he worried.  😛

It was a highly entertaining panel that often went off the tracks, but that was part of it’s charm, whether Doc intended it or not.  Heck, at one point, he even stopped to hand yours truly an index card with an e-mail address so any panel pics of this I took could get sent there.  We also did end up shooting the breeze for a bit post-panel, mostly talking about the show’s latter incarnation that I was familiar with and the fantastic way Heather (aka HezaChan) handled things.  Even managed to score a Ned The Dead coozie after I had mentioned I was the one who suggested the Ned The Dead crew as a Guest.  It was quite literally the first idea I came up with when I learned last year of this convention’s theme.

I was supposed to have a drink with Pher after this, but he got delayed, so I took advantage of the down time to switch to a different room.  The air mattress I was on last night sufficed, but when you get the chance for bed space, you take that chance.  Once I was squared away in my new quarters, it was time for what was perhaps THE most inside panel in this (or any other convention I have attended this year: The Roast of Adam Pulver.


Pretty sure he’s plotting something, just not sure what.

Hosted by Pher with Sydney, Miles, Trae and Scott in tow, the panel was a chance for all the aforementioned to take some humorus jabs at Adam (dude’s been in the con scene longer than I have).  Well, when they weren’t busy taking digs at one another.  As much as I would have liked to pitch in when I first caught wind of this, I figured it best I just simply watched. After all, I do currently have Adam pegged to be my Best Man if I ever get married.  And yes, people, I am currently single.  😉

Me and Pher were able to grab a quick beer at the hotel bar afterwards, with Miles and Reanna soon in tow.  Pher couldn’t stick around for long because he felt a slight wardrobe change was necessary before his set in the upcoming (One Night) Stand-up panel, but Miles and Reanna were more than happy to stick around for a bit.  The stand-up panel itself made for some delightful comedic fare, especially when one of the performers (I forget her name, but she definitely was a beauty) incorporated a wrassling story into her set.


I called it a night soon afterwards, seeing as I did have a 9am panel (Best and Worst of Power Rangers) and I wanted enough time to grab some breakfast beforehand.  I was the only one in the room initially, but I did awake to seeing Bob crashed out on the couch.  I’m pretty sure Bob’s Personality was there somewhere as well.  😛

Not only was I able to get up early enough for breakfast, I even managed to squeeze in enough time for some He-Man and Legend of Zelda for my lone visit to the viewing rooms the entire weekend.  After a futile attempt and subsequent reminder of how every character in that Zelda cartoon was a raging a-hole, I progressed over to my panel room for the previously mentioned “Best and Worst of Power Rangers” panel.  In spite of the delay in getting the projector setup (which sadly turned out to be a futile effort), the panel happened and people seemed to enjoy it.  So how about we just call it a relative success, mmmkay?

I had to make my way to Con Ops for the first Gopher shift of the day, which involved (among other things I will soon mention) temporarily manning the Geek.Kon merchandise table, where I soon ended up encountering Andrew.  He mentioned how he wasn’t gonna be there Sunday to bask in the fact I would have to wear a Chelsea hat.  For those not in the know, both Andrew and I are avid supporters of different teams from the Barclays Premier League: Chelsea for Andrew and I was a Tottenham fan.  The two teams met in the Finals of the Capital One Cup tournament (which Chelsea won 2-0), thus I had to be the one to wear the opposition’s hat next time we met at a convention.


At least I can park the bus now.  😛

But things quickly took an interesting turn.  They needed someone to help setup and ultimately run the Artemis simulator. I had to learn and adapt to it quickly, something that was greatly helped with by an attendee named Gerry, a man well-versed in the workings of Artemis.  Gerry and I ended up taking turns throughout the day running things.  As much as we both loved Artemis (even got to play a round myself once we got one of the “bridges” ready to go), we both had panels and such we wanted to go to.  It was during one of the swap-outs that I was FINALLY able to make a solid run through the Vendor Room to mostly get gifts for the folks.  Ended up running into a few of my other friends, most notably Autumn who was at her Artist Alley table at the time and current Con Chair for Kitsune Kon, Mike “Afro Hammer” Nettekoven.  After a quick check-in to the Artemis room to see if anything else was needed, I wandered over to the Ned The Dead Q&A……..


…but more on that and the rest of the convention on the third and final page.

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