GR2 Weekly- 26 July 2015 Edition


26 July 2015

Howdy, howdy, ho! How are you all doing this fine evening? Azzy here yet again ready and raring to dish out another edition of GR2 Weekly! I wanted to use part of the blog intro to give you an advanced heads-up about GR2 Weekly postings in the month of August. The posts for August 2nd. 9th and 16th should go roughly as scheduled. August 23rd will be a no-go as I have Geek.Kon that weekend and the 29th is when I aim to have the Geek.Kon Recap up and posted. And speaking of Geek.Kon, there are some deadlines fast approaching for those who are going or are considering going. If you plan on staying at the host hotel, you have until July 30th to claim a room at the discounted rate. The day afterwards, July 31st is the deadline for both Pre-Registering (it’ll run $40 at-con) and for submitting an entry for the Geek Music Video Awards contest at the end of that day (Midnight). So get those rooms booked, the badges bought and those videos submitted! And now we return you to your regularly scheduled geek programming.

On the Dark Side of the Geek Moon this week, you got Scooby-Doo and KISS teaming up in an animated crossover (I don’t hate KISS, but the combination just seems almost as off-putting as the Flintstones-WWE mash up), Japanese company Tenga created a “National Hand Job Day” to promote its line of products (complete with its own Tokusatsu-esque “hero”), players of the survival game Rust apparently aren’t the fondest over not being able to choose their gender, a Gulity Gear Xrd Sign tourney player at EVO pulled a page out of Leon Lett’s playbook with predictable results and a politician in San Francisco is taking major heat when her usage of the popular science (and science fiction) word “wormhole” in a speech gets badly interpreted. But on the Bright Side of the Geek Moon, a World of Warcraft player (playing as a Death Knight) manages to subdue one of the game’s most powerful World Bosses completely by themselves, this year’s Street Fighter IV Champion at EVO won with a broken arcade stick, Japanese users of twitter are spamming actual Twitter accounts of the extremist group with cutesy images of “ISIS-chan”, we finally get another sweet Acapella arrangement from Smooth McGroove and a fanmade Mortal Kombat game was created as If it were on the Atari 2600. Now, your Big Loser and Big Winner for the week are………….

Geek Rant of the Week

The Rant for this Week is a total downer, not gonna lie. Remember back in Christmas, when the hacker group Lizard Squad unleashed a massivs DDoS attack on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network users? The delays massive enough to the point where Sony was forced to offer subscription extensions and extra game discounts to compensate for the downtime? Yeah, I wasn’t too thrilled with it either. A couple of weeks ago, one of the hackers responsible, Julius “zeekill” Kivimaki was convicted of over 50,000+ cyber crime-related charges……only to receive a 2-year suspended sentence.


Quite massive indeed, Spock.

One of the more well-known victims of Lizard Squad’s antics, John Smedly CEO (at the time) of Daybreak Games (formerly Sony Online Entertainment) took to Reddit to vent his frustrations at the glorified wrist-slapping. Mr. Smedly had suffered several setbacks on not only his personal life, but some of his family members as well. He had a flight he was on forced down by a bomb threat by them, had been “swatted” multiple times, 50 false credit applications and countless false tax returns submitted in his name, multiple social networking accounts (both his and some of his family’s) hacked. So you can understand why he’d go to Reddit to threaten legal action against him and his family, referring to the hacker as “a little dirtbag”.

And now fast forward 12 days after the Reddit post. I was announced that John Smedly was going to step down as Daybreak Games’ President and CEO. A representative from Daybreak Games Company issued a statement, saying “At this time, I can confirm that John Smedley will be taking some time off from the company for the near-term and transitioning to a different role to be determined….. Upon finalization of his plans, further communication will be provided.” Way to go, you cock-juggling, thudertwat jizzwhores. You forced a man out of a job he loved because you wanted to compensate for your tiny pencil dicks by making an innocent man’s life a living hell. Dick move, bros.

Geek Rave of the Week

This week Rave strikes a bit of a nostalgic chord with yours truly and as such, makes for quite an entertaining write-up. If you were born around the same time I was, chances are you got to watch the epic classic that was none other than:


But perhaps one of the most notable aspects of the show was who did the voice over work for iconic Batman archvillian, The Joker.


Of all the various actors who have stepped up to play the Clown Prince of Crime throughout the decades in various animated and live action incarnations, it was (in my honest opinion) Mark Hammil’s take that brought the most out of the cunning and psychotic nemesis. He was also brought back for voiceover work in many other Batman games and animated features. Even his appearance in one of the Season 1 Episodes of The Flash (as the original Trickster) was highly regarded as one of the season’s best episodes, as he channeled his Joker voice to bone-chillingly good levels. He even snuck a reference in for the Star Wars fans out there.

It was during San Diego Comic Con that it was announced by Bruce Timm that he was working on an animated adaptation of Joker’s origin story, “The Killing Joke”, which would be helmed by “Gods and Monsters” Director Sam Liu, due for a direct-to-video release sometime next year. The Killing Joke came out as a one-shot comic in March of 1988, and while it was emphasized that this was only “one possible origin story”, the comic is widely regarded as the most in-canon origin story. Not only does it cover Joker’s origin as a failed comedian who becomes The Joker after a chemical accident and even the crippling of Barbra Gordon (Batgirl), who would later adopt the identity of Orcale. Ever since the announcement, fans have constantly been clamoring and begging for them to have Hammil reprise the role once more, a statement Mark Hammil himself concurred with, having his fingers crossed as well.

Cross the fingers no more! For it was announced today that Mark Hammil WILL BE voicing the Joker in the animated adaptation! Yeah, the confirmation does kinda fall under the current week, but the two tie in to one another, so it’s all good as far as I’m concerned. 😛

Well, my fellow geeks and geekettes across the interwebs, that brings this blogiside of GR2 Weekly to a most satisfying end. And as I tend to enjoy mentioning every chance I get, should you have any suggestions for what I should Rant and/or Rave about (please suggest away, I promise I won’t bite), feel free to follow me both on Tumblr and WordPress. But as a friendly reminder, be sure to spread the word about GR2 Weekly. You all are pretty awesome. You are equally as encouraged to post much linkage on the official GR2 Weekly Facebook page and I just as strongly encourage you to like and comment on some of the links I post. I enjoy interacting with you all. See you next week! While you’re still here, though, be sure to check out and Vote Up Lemme Addams everybody. Sonny Strait will be a happy person. 😛



  1. NerdlingTales · August 2, 2015

    I am probably around the same age as you and I would watch Batman: The Animated Series every week! Mark Hammil returning as The Joker made my week!


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