GR2 Weekly- 28 June 2015 Edition


28 June 2015

A most wonderful Sunday to you all out there!  Azzy here and finally ready, willing AND able to once again to present to you, GR2 Weekly!   The unintentional hiatus was most refreshing in a way, but more on that later.  The Geek World kept on chugging along, most notably with the announcements of both Kingdom Hearts III AND the FF7 remake for the PS4, though no release dates were yet announced.  But in regards to this week’s edition, players of the game Rust are strangely obsessed about comparing the penis size of their characters (slightly NSFW), GameStop’s attempt at selling retro games has been about as absurdly price-gougey as we feared, Apple tried banning Civil War-themed games from its App Store because of the Confederate Flag issue (I despise the flag as much as anybody, but even this was absurd, you gotta admit), the Phantom Dust game reboot attempt got put out of its misery and a major Los Angeles arcade got denied the right to renovate by its City Council in spite of raising the necessary funds to do so. But thankfully, for some of the better things out there, you can vent your frustrations out on Jar Jar Binks in the upcoming edition of Disney Infinity, Miles Morales gets his chance as the new character for the Spider-Man comics, science has developed a new “smart patch” for diabetics that can replace those painful insulin injections, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fan favorite Derpy Hooves may soon be making their way to Bulid-A-Bear stores nationwide and a YouTuber posted a demo video with Mario in an Unreal Engine 4 game that just looks absolutely smooth.  And now, time to see what gets Ranted and raved about this week!  :3

Geek Rant of the Week

Yeah, about that explanation I said I would offer.  As you may recall, for the last couple of weeks or so, I was tasked with helping doing a nautical crap-ton of Spring Cleaning around my place of residence.  It was mostly because we were expecting plenty of company the last few days and the place really needed it.  Heck, I barely had any time for anything besides it, save for an ahour or two before I went to bed if I had work the following day.  But to be perfectly frank, it could not have come at a better time.  I say that because I was starting to suffer  from a rather ginormous case of Burnout and was almost getting ready to permanently pull the plug on GR2 Weekly.


No, the Aliens had NOTHING to do with this.

To be perfectly honest, I’m not entirely sure if it was just one single thing that was causing the burnout this time.  Maybe it was the fluctuating numbers of the Likes for GR2 Weekly’s Facebook page.  Or perhaps it was because how time-consuming some editions got (especially in the last several months since I do work at my paying job full-time).  The fact that I might have lost my focus on the fact that this is just supposed to be a hobby of mine (which made the task feel like a chore some days) likely played a role in it too.  Any way you slice it, I do feel a bit better now that I had some time to step away from things and let the ‘ol noggin recuperate.  For those of you who are still flowing and/or reading this blog, I do apologize and thank you for continuing to be there.  I’m just fortunate that the hiatus didn’t come about due to a hard drive crapping out this time around.

In order to make up for things, I am going to make a promise.  But this is one I am going to need your help with.  As some of you know, I am (and still continue to be) a very big fan of American Ninja Warrior.  But for whatever reason (mostly a lack of motivation to do so), I never bothered to work out for it or even send in a submission video.  Here’s what I currently look like:


Yeah, not exactly a pretty sight, but it is what it is.

As you can plainly see, I aint exactly the type who would make the cover of Men’s Fitness anytime soon.  But here’s the promise: If you can help me get GR2 Weekly over the 200 Like barrier on Facebook, I will work out and send a submission video in for next year’s American Ninja Warrior.

You have my word.

Geek Rave of the Week

This week’s Rave of the Week is an example of the potential rewards of Fan Creativity when it comes to gaming.  In an article on Geeks Are Sexy, there was one dedicated fan who took the following meme quite literally:


That is correct, in an attempt to pre-order the upcoming Fallout 4 game in the most imaginative way possible, he physically mailed Fallout game maker Bethesda a whopping 2,240 (weighing slightly over 11 pounds) Bottlecaps (which for those unfamiliar with the Fallout games, Bottlecaps act as in-game currency)!.  Here’s the picture from the article:


And wouldn’t you know?  They were so impressed with this stroke of creative genius, they accepted the offer!  But I wouldn’t get any ideas about copycatting the feat if I were you.  They said they only did so because he was the first to do so and I have my doubts they’ll let it happen a second time.  Kudos to both for the fan for pulling the feat off and secondly to Bethesda for making that gamer’s dreams come true.  You didn’t have to, but you did.  I think you just got me interested in the Fallout games now.

Well, my fellow geeks and geekettes across the interwebs, that brings this blogiside of GR2 Weekly to a most satisfying end.  Like I earlier mentioned, next Sunday will see not a GR2 Weekly blog post, but the Convention Recap for this year’s No Brand Con, so do please look forward to that.  And as I tend to enjoy mentioning every chance I get, should you have any suggestions for what I should Rant and/or Rave about (please suggest away, I promise I won’t bite), feel free to follow me both on Tumblr and WordPress.  You are equally as encouraged to post much linkage on the official GR2 Weekly Facebook page and I just as strongly encourage you to like and comment on some of the links I post.  I enjoy interacting with you all.  See you next week!  While you’re still here, though, be sure to check out and Vote Up Lemme Addams everybody.  Sonny Strait will be a happy person.  😛


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