The Best and Worst of No Brand Con 2015- The End Of An Era

The Best and Worst of

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Worst: Where’s the beef?  And the Internet, for that matter?

True as the saying goes that “what do you expect for free?”, but the lack of meat product of any kind (I would have settled for Spam) with the hotel’s free Continental Breakfast once more was a bit of a letdown.  But what was the bigger letdown was the lack of solid internet connections the entire weekend.  The connection, which was rock-solid last year (we used it for Netflix during most of last con’s room party), was virtually non-existent this go-round.  I was lucky just to have long enough of a connection on my 3DS to check the score of the Tottenham-Southampton game that day.  Guess it’s a good thing Geek.Kon’s main room party attraction was the Cards Against Humanity tournament.

Best: Quiet, yet productive.

The first of two table shifts this weekend went as most table shifts during No Brand Con go: Fairly quiet with plenty of time for3DS StreetPass maintenance and recap note-taking.  We did manage a couple of pre-regs throughout the weekend, another run-in with Miles and this sweet cosplay pic:


There was one other good cosplay pic, but we’ll save that for the End of Recap photo dump.  😛

Best: No Brand Bowl- A con tradition like no other.

Since it was one more year at No brand Con, may as well have a No Brand Bowl.  Much like last year, the weather was significantly pleasant and the company, even more so.  It also helps that we managed to snag a couple of new For an added bonus, we even talked Miles into joining in mid-game!  Miles only played for a few series, but it made for some entertaining momens.  The scoring format did change a few times and the team lineups even more so, but fun was there to be had. But…..

Worst: They do nothing!!!!

Given how badly I’ve managed at catching the football the last couple of years prior, I reused some gloves I originally intended to use for cold-weather grip gloves for work (which just made my hands colder) to use for catching gloves.  Yeah, that didn’t exactly work as planned.  Matter of fact, they managed to lower what little catching ability I possess even moreso!  But more importantly, once the format for scoring changed for the last time, some ill-timed turnovers and defensive errors, Team Albatross defeated the Devil Bats 5-3.  The 2nd straight defeat dropped the Devil Bats’ all-time No Brand Bowl record to 4 wins, 4 Losses and 1 Draw.  Someone will need to do a scouting mission to next year’s con site soon to see if this can ever continue.

Best: But first, let’s take a group photo.


Simone, I swear I had something for this.

Best: The Adventures of Gornzilla and the Quest for Pokemon

The closest thing I ever did to a Cosplay this time around was a Godzilla mask/Gorn Fishing t-shirt combo.  But sometimes, it’s the simple things that yield the best results.  During the Vendor Room run I made while in the “impromptu cosplay”, the gal who was running the Ardvark Anime table asked for a picture (something that doesn’t happen very often), so of course, I obliged.  I had to do something to show my thanks, so I bought a Dogezilla shirt.  Even the voice actor guests (Tia Ballard and Kyle Hebert) wanted to snap one (which took place during convention’s lone Autograph Session).  I really should get in Instagram account one of these days.  My Twitter account needs some company on the dusty shelf.  All weekend long, amongst the things I was looking for was something for my favorite Pokefan and +1 for Adam and Simone’s wedding, Erica G.  But seeing as the Vendor Room was lacking in the right kind of Pokemerch I was searching for, I had to turn to Artist Alley and successfully procured a Pokeball Pillow for her.


Worst: Oops, I did it again!

For as relatively social as I was during Kitsune Kon, I ended up doing an awful lot of Lone Wolfing this time around.  You might also have noticed a big lack of cosplay photos to this point.  That’s partially because 1.) Doing setup for the Room Party during the Cosplay Contest hampered down on chances for photos and 2.) I might not have taken as much advantage to take photos throughout the con as I could have.  But I did manage to snag a few gems and you will get to see them soon enough.

Best: Prepared party is best party.

Random wandering and short table shift aside, once 7pm rolled around, it was high time for me, Adam and Simone to make the necessary preparations for one of the convention’s greatest room parties of all time!  I do feel compelled to hand out a minor Worst for the lack of Room Parties in the con scene these days.  There are people who still wanna go to these, you know.  But back to the Best of things.  Our preparation skills were as efficient as could be expected, which left for more than enough time to squeeze in a couple more rounds of FIFA.  But it wasn’t the lone loss I suffered against Adam that was memorable (a 1-2 Loss in a Wolfsburg-Bor. Dortmund match) so much as it was the La Liga match that never got far because of a glitch that caused the teams to play with the “Invisible Man”-inspired soccer ball.  But now we party.


With this line of Cosplayers  in wait, you can click on this link to skip ahead to Page 3.


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