The Best and Worst of No Brand Con 2015- The End Of An Era

The Best and Worst of

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Best: Party on, dudes!!!

It didn’t take long for people to pile in for the party, even though the Cards Against Humanity tournament itself wasn’t for another hour yet.  One of the more amusingly memorable aspects of the pre-CAH portion of the party came courtesy of “Akira Adam”, one of the partygoers.  Tried as he might, he never did quite manage to score a victory in all the rounds of Street Fighter III: Third Strike.  But crap damn, did he make it fun to watch with the self-provided commentary! 😛


Someone saw what I did there.

While far from my best attempt at playing it (me and Simone were allowed to play to make up numbers, but for obvious reasons couldn’t win anything), it was Akira Adam that eventually won the Cards Against Humanity tournament and the Free Pre-reg that came with the victory.  At least he won when it mattered.

Worst: There aint no drama like Con Drama.

In spite of a legit attempt to get at least some amount of sleep (alarm was set for 7am to try to enjoy as much of the con that the eventual Noon departure time would allow), there was a group of people who made sure that attempt failed.  I was rudely awoken sometime around 6am by the previously-mentioned group of douchebags who were somewhere down the hall outside in the hallway.  Lord knows what on god’s green earth they were screaming and arguing over, but they were LOUD.  I’m also fairly certain either hotel staff or cops got involved at some point, because I heard that very distinct “Bzzzzzzt”-esque sound that only comes from walkie talkies.  Only thing that kept me from doing anything about it was my inability to move my body out of the bed.  If there were a silver lining to this, it is the fact that the drama didn’t involve the pool getting shut down yet again.

Best: Let’s Smash, Bro.

Most trips I make to any Video Game Room at a convention usually don’t make for much more than filler at best, today’s trip there was recap-worthy, and not just because this was my first go-round with the WiiU version of the new Smash Bros. game.  After one of the vgr staffers’ Amiibos kept winning out a few rounds, we made it a point to take it out as early as we could manage.  A later trip to the room also proved worthwhile when the lone attempt on the InitialD arcade machine resulted in a win going into the final turn on the track.

Worst: Damn Derp!

There is one more thing I have to Worst myself for.  Back when the panel and anime schedule came out pre-con, I Happened to take note of one particular anime that was airing Sunday morning: Eyeshield 21.  The very anime and manga that inspired the creation of the No Brand Devil Bats and I told Adam I was planning on staying in the anime room for an episode or two for Nostalgia’s sake.  Guess what I forgot to do?


Best: Sunday Funnies

There was at least one more panel worth going to before the eventual pack-up of the cars and that panel was none other than Otaku Tonight’s Match Game panel.  Sydney may have taken a round or two to get into full “Sydney Mode”, but once that happened, things got much better.  It did kinda take a while for the first pair of contestants to determine a winner (an experience I myself had at Geek.Kon), but winners were eventually determined. For the time slot they were handed for this panel, it was a job fairly well done.

Best/Worst: Early departures and future con decisions.

I was able to make a fair number of goodbyes (and one final run through the vendor room) before me, Zack and Jason left for home at Noon.  We did still fire up some good tunes for most of the trip, but we were all too exhausted to do much conversing.  All in all, No Brand Con was a fairly fun experience this year compared to the last couple of years.  But things still felt uncomfortably off at times.  Maybe it was the overly cramped quarters, maybe it was the massive amounts of changes between this year and next (the relocation, Trae’s Hanzo hosting retirement, potential end to the No Brand Bowl).  Perhaps the new location will be the jump start the convention oh-so desperately needs.  I know I said  last year that 2014 was likely my last year at NBC, but this year, I mean it.  I’ve been meaning to try out other conventions and I’m all but locked in for Kitsune and Geek.Kon.  With Anime Milwaukee taking Kitsune’s old month (as you may recall, Kitsune is in July in 2016), I’m pretty much figuring on trying that one on for size.  Also, 2016 will be the year of the next Power Morphicon.  Assuming it and Geek.Kon aren’t too close (Geek would take precedence, as I am on staff and intend to stay on board for 2016), I may go to that.  But just in case, it would either (hopefully) be C2E2 or ACEN.  Time can only tell.



Get over here……for my picture!


Little Mac would be proud.


So worth the Time Paradox.


The run-ins with Ash may have been few and far-between, but the pic was worth it.  :3


Regardless on whether this original or from something (if the latter, do kindly fill me in here, thanx), he seemed to enjoy himself.  You can’t ask for more.

But by and far, the two best cosplays were something straight out of the 80’s.


Truly outrageous and for all the right reasons.  😉

Now, ladies and gentlemen.  The best Cosplay of all No Brand Con, perhaps THE best cosplay you will see all year:



See you at Geek.Kon!


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