GR2 Weekly- 12 April 2015 Edition


12 April 2015

A most pleasant Sunday evening to you all out there!  Azzy here and since it seems to be that time of the week yet again, here’s a fresh blogisode of GR2 Weekly!  Looking forward here to No Brand Con in a couple of weeks in Eau Claire, WI (and the subsequent Con Recap the week following), though I am slightly jealous of some of my friends who will be at C2E2 that weekend.  I also wish my dear friend Erica could have joined me at NBC, but she is my +1 at my best friend’s (Adam) wedding next month, so I’ll see her again eventually.  ;3

But for the sake of getting back on track, it was quite a buzzing week in the Geek World.  J-PopMetal sensation Babymetal’s debut album will see a US release, Banjo Guy Ollie is up to his usual awesomeness, an avid Mario fan recreates the title screen from Super Mario Bros. entirely with toothpicks, the new Trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron makes us yearn for May 1st even more and there is a very clever plan in place to keep Arrow, The Flash and the upcoming spin-off pretty well-connected.  But with all the good comes some total stinkers.  In something straight out of an episode of World’s Dumbest Criminals, a man was arrested for murdering a friend and his dog because they were able to trace the suspect who used his dead friend’s PSN account the day of said murder, Budget issues forced David Lynch to abandon the Twin Peaks revival, Right-wing activists have managed to sabotage the 2015 Hugo Awards and almost making Gamergaters look tame in the process, people who have no life whatsoever made “nudity mods” for the PC version of Dead or Alive 5 and for some inexplicable reason, FOX wants to do a tv-friendly version of the iconic Rocky Horror Picture Show.  But now, time for the Big Winner and Loser of Life this week.

Geek Rave of the Week

Figured I was about due for a Science-themed Rave, so I figurd what I’m about to discuss made for a pretty Rave-worthy news item.  Even though countless generations of people considered the Brontosaurus a dinosaur (which may or may not be attributed to Jurassic park or Fred Flintstone eating Bronto Burgers), it technically hasn’t (from a scientific standpoint) for well over a century. A leading paleontologist at the time by the name of Elmer Riggs deemed it was just a smidge too similar to another dino, the Apatosaurus.  Thus, the name Brontosaurus was stricken from the record.

Until now.


For the last five years, there had been a team of paleontologists who had studied numerous fossil samples, including both the Brontosaurus and Apatosaurus and posted their findings in the online journal PeerJ.  The lead author of the study, Emanuel Tschopp (New University of Libson in Portugal) was quoted as saying “Generally, the Brontosaurus can be distinguished from Apatosaurus most easily by its neck, which is higher and less wide.”  And while changes and revisions are constant in the world of science (there is also talks elsewhere of possibly restoring Planet status to Pluto, but that’s another story for another time), the fact that the Bronto is well on its way to getting its name back is plenty to rejoice about.  Can’t exactly say the same kind of thing for what I’m about to inform you about next.

Geek Rant of the Week

As a matter of fact, this week’s Rant subject is so ungodly appalling, I feel compelled to do TWO Palet-cleansers.  Here’s the first, a hilarous One Direction parody done by the guys from The Warp Zone  We good now?  Good.

In a recently published article on Kotaku, a seemingly innocent act by an innocent kid resulted in a rather nauseatingly disgusting and atrocious act……by the person the kid was visiting.  The guy who was at the hospital Dave A. Schmotter, was being visited by a friend of his, who brought her 8-year old son with.  The kid brought with him a backpack that contained an estimated $1,000+ worth of games and systems (according to the article, a couple of Nintendo DS systems and about 30-40 games).  Because you know, gamers gotta game.  The kid soon realized his backpack had suddenly disappeared, and as surveillance cameras quickly uncovered, it was the sick guy they were visiting who had grabbed the goods and hid them out of view.


Ever the eternal question.

It would seem that our sick friend has quite the criminal record (Drug charges, Burglary, Reciving Stolen Property to name a few) and can now add this charge of theft to his ever-browing record.  Thankfully thoughm, the kid’s items were all returned in one piece.  But hell, even the thief’s mom is ashamed he would stoop so low.  You have to be a very special kind of scumbag to steal from a kid, especially one that’s visiting you in the hospital.

Here, watch some DJO to calm any rage you might be feeling down a bit.  😛

Well, my fellow geeks and geekettes across the interwebs, that brings this blogiside of GR2 Weekly to a most satisfying end.  And as I tend to enjoy mentioning every chance I get, should you have any suggestions for what I should Rant and/or Rave about (please suggest away, I promise I won’t bite), feel free to follow me both on Tumblr and WordPress.  You are equally as encouraged to post much linkage on the official GR2 Weekly Facebook page and I just as strongly encourage you to like and comment on some of the links I post.  I enjoy interacting with you all.  See you next week!  While you’re still here, though, be sure to check out and Vote Up Lemme Addams everybody.  Sonny Strait will be a happy person.  😛


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