Kitsune Kon Recap 2015- Page 3


Saturday, Sunday and Cosplay

As I earlier alluded to, this quick trip proved to be most amusing and productive.  Adam noticed a building that was very clearly once a Pizza Hut, which he thought should be on a certain website featuring them.  Soon as we got to the house, it was pretty much a “Wam! Bam! Thank you Mam!” in and out of the house, stopping only to stash my sis’ present in a hiding spot and toss my mom the keychain I picked up for her.  Inspiration struck on the way back, prompting me to fill in a few of the blanks I had left (I still have a few White blanks to fill, so feel free to give suggestions).  We soon arrived back at the hotel and in a bonus surprise, Adam’s original parking spot was still open!  SCORE!

Me, Adam and Simone had texted everyone we could to inform them of the fun we had planned and me and Adam had made our way to their room.  While we were waiting for everybody, me, Adam, Simone and Scott went ahead and ate most of the pizza and sneaked in a round of Red Dragon Inn 3. Erica and Ash eventually showed up and we got our Cards Against Humanity on.


A quick pic in-between rounds.  ;3

In spite of almost all of the “Box” cards getting played (most of which aren’t really all that good) and the fact Erica’s friend somehow couldn’t come through on the crash space (but Adam and Simone saved the day), we had an absolute blast and the round lasted well past Midnight.  It was late, but I wasn’t quite ready to end the night yet, so I procured a Room Key from Scott and made my way to the con grounds in what was perhaps my one bad “Lone Wolf” moment of the convention.  Fun was still had regardless, however.

First off was the dance to see what all the hubbub was about this year.  I don’t if I’m just getting old or what, but the rave funk was well in place by that point and I only stuck around for about 5 or 10 minutes.  With little else going on and already having had my fill of CAH for the convention, I settled for an extended session of inFamous: Second Son for the PS4 until I finally crawled onto the couch in the hotel room shortly after 2am.

I woke up sometime around 7:30, once again pre-empting my own phone’s alarm clock and made way outside after a quick undergarment and shirt change.  I know Sundays are usually the down day of the convention, but this year’s con was depressingly light on solid entertainment options, even by Sunday standards.  It was pretty much just 3 things on the Agenda for the day: 1.) Final Geek.Kon table shift 2.) Otaku Jeopardy and 3.) Closing Ceremonies.  Item #1 on the agenda went smooth as usual with some more peeps going the route of the pre-reg.  With that out of the way, it was back to the other side of the convention grounds for Otaku Jeopardy.


Complete with computerized game board!

The categories and Answers were very well chosen (Adam had apparently did the majority of it himself), but in spite of a late surge from the Velma cosplayer in the Double Jeopardy round, Derek’s colossal dominance in the opening Jeopardy round proved to be too much as he cruised to victory in the end.

Making my way back over, I encountered Ash in the lobby as she was on her way back home for on last hug before we’ll end up seeing each other again at No Brand Con.  I made a couple of final Vendor Room runs soon afterwards, partially to make sure I was there on time to see if I won the Gabumon hat (Spoiler alert: I didn’t win it.) and partly because Erica was there again.  We hung out some more before I talked Adam into at least one final round of FIFA (I would have gone with a random La Liga match), but that’s when things took a very odd turn.  They were totally okay with it happening earlier in the weekend.  Heck, they were even cool with it back at Fall Ball.  But for whatever reason, they suddenly had a giant problem with it and wouldn’t let us. This left both me and Adam in a somewhat puzzled state.  But seeing as we were forced to put things on hold on that front until No Brand Con, we soon parted ways and I engaged in some more random gaming.  But before we get towards the end, the traditional cosplay photo dump:


One of the better Link cosplays there, even if it was for nothing more than the nostalgia look of it.


Wario and Waluigi dropping it like it’s hot.


Proof that cosplay is indeed a universal form of expression.


This Book of Life character cosplay was too dang good to leave out of the recap.


He never did make it to the Vendor Room, but he assured me he would have told somebody to “Shut up and take his money” if he had.  I applaud you, good sir.


Got the Deadpool pic quota met now.

Erica soon joined me in Main Programming in time for Closing Ceremonies.  In spite of the city relocation and construction, this was Kitsune’s most successful year yet, with nearly 2,600 paid attendees that were present throughout the weekend (up from 2,210 last year).  With them staying put for at least next year (and with twice the space once the construction completes) and moving to a July date (22nd-24th with a Gaming theme), things do seem to be looking up for them.  Personally, it was the interactions with my friends that truly made the experiences over the weekend as good as they were more than anything else by a long shot.  It wasn’t so much any one big thing as it was a number of little problems that kinda dragged things down a bit.  Whether or not I do attend next year is up in the air, but one thing is for certain.  Improvements are definitely in order.

But let’s close this Recap on a happy note, just as Scotty closed out the convention: WITH SONG!


The Pokemon theme will do just nicely.  :3


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