Kitsune Kon 2015 Recap- Page 2



Ah, Saturday.  The real meat and potatoes of any convention.  Video game tournaments up the yazoo, Cosplay Contests and more panels and events than you can shake a stick at.  After a nice shower and breakfast at home, I soon made way to the convention shortly after 8am, only to realize halfway there I left my Nintendo 3DS at home.  D’oh! After the quick turnaround, I eventually arrived slightly after 8:30 just as Erica and friends were finishing up their own breakfast.  It was during this that she went into further detail informing the potential crash space for that evening.  Seems a friend of hers had a room all to himself and depending on circumstances, may allow me to stay there overnight.  Because why not? With time to kill before my table shift at 10am, Erica and I made way to the video game room for some morning gaming.  And of course, they had the fliers posted for the day’s tournaments.  The fliers themselves were at least effective enough to tell what game when they were happening, even if the Graphic Design Major inside was screaming in agony over their blandness.  The gaming session mostly consisted of playing some random fighting games (including the original Super Smash Bros. game, which I am still horrendously terrible at).  I tell ya, the girl sure can game.  😉


Bubble Wrap Scarf FTW!!!!

The table shift this time went quite well this time around.  Some people pre-reg’d, some marked out seeing we have Ned The Dead as a guest this coming Geek.Kon, 3DS StreetPass Tags were acquired in droves  (I must have completed at least 5 or 6 Puzzle Swap panels over the course of the convention) and much fun was had.  Noon came quickly enough and with that, a trip to the other Autograph session that was already in progress at the time (it was Natalie Hoover, Joel McDonald and Faecakes Cosplay this go-round).  While I had forgotten to make a MTG card for the latter, Faecakes still was pretty psyched to see the ones for the other guests.  So out of appreciation, I bought one of her photo prints ($10 isn’t a bad deal), which now hangs proudly framed on my wall next to my Bon Jovi poster.

I was getting pretty hungry by this point, so I shot Erica a message to see if she wanted to join me for lunch at the Concessions area in the hotel Atrium and she happily obliged.  There was a decent selection of food nommage and the prices were decent, but we couldn’t help but notice the signs next to the food items:


Would have been epicially hilarious if there had been some Fish Sticks accompanied with a Magikarp image.

After some eating socializing and catching up on Recap notes, we soon parted ways as I had a Mystery Tournament to partake in.  But seeing as the Smash Bros. 3DS tournament was later on, we would see each other again soon enough.  But getting back to the Mystery tournament, this year’s (which usually features a fairly obscure game) was perhaps one of the most obscure games out there and on an equally as obscure system:


A game so obscure, not even Wikipedia knows of its existence.

The best way I can describe this game is that it’s an animated FMV (Full-Motion Video) “fighting” game that involved some timed button presses, which in this case, consisted of people just randomly button mashing until things happened.  I was part of the last pairing in the opening round, so I killed time playing some of the other games in the immediate area.  I somehow got by the first round in dominating fashion, but was swiftly booted out the following round in a similar manner.  At some point during all this, I ran into both Ash and Erica (who were having some fun of their own) and eventually made my way to Adam’s Digimon panel.  It went about as good as such a panel could go, with allowing for both a mix of Nostalgia Waxing and Introductions for people new to the franchise.

Next came the big event I was looking most forward to: the Super Smash Bros. 3DS tournament.  You see, before the convention, me and Erica had a bet going for it in which we would grab pizza afterwards, with the person who got eliminated earliest getting stuck with the bill.  It was on like Donkey Kong.

But with that being said, the tournament itself could not have been much more disorganized.  Let me put it this way: when the people participating in it know more about the event’s rules than its organizer, that doesn’t look terribly good.  And even in spite of all the practice, I still managed to get downright taken to school by someone a third my age.  But not all was completely lost, as it was apparently decided it would be a Double-elimination event.  But of course, who else would up my opponent but Erica herself.  And in much the same manner as some online matches we had a couple weeks prior, she forced both matches into Sudden Death and ended up the victor on both occasions.  Guess who’s buying?


This humorous picture break brought to you by Greed-ler.

Since neither one of us were hungry quite yet, I headed over to the Vendor Room for another run.  While I also noticed a severe lack of Patches on top of everything else that was lacking 9which I pointed out on Page 1), I at least managed to secure some goodies for some family members (including my sister’s birthday present).  I also ended up entering into an Artist’s raffle for a rather cool-looking Gabumon hat.  I eventually encountered Erica once more, which lead to some more gaming (mostly Mario Party) before our eventual pizza consumption……which turned out to take much longer than either of us anticipated.  It took forever and a day just to even get a server’s attention, seeing as they were shorthanded to the point where the Hotel Manager had to help get the food out.  But at least the company was very pleasant.  😉

It was during our waiting that I received a text message from Adam asking if I had my Cards Against Humanity set with me so we could do some CAH and pizza later on in the evening.  Seeing as having the Bigger, Blacker Box would be hard to carry in my backpack, I had to find a way to get it to the hotel.  After Plan A (getting it dropped off at the hotel by my folks) was a no-go, I messaged Adam and we got into his car instead.  The trip itself was eventful and surprisingly productive, but more about that when you make your way to the 3rd and final page.

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