Kitsune Kon 2015 Recap- Page 1



This year’s Kitsune Kon was going to be different for a few reasons.  1.) This was the first year I was attending it purely from an Attendee standpoint and not as a staffer.  2.) This is the first time I’ve attended a convention that was (almost) right in my backyard.  And because of #2, this meant that 3.) I didn’t have to any major packing whatsoever save for some things for my con bag and the faux MTG cards for the guests to sign.

But as much as things were different, there were other things that still didn’t change.  This starts now my 10th year of attending conventions and the pre-con jitters were just as strong as they almost always were.  Another thing that remained the same was the fact I was gonna get to see a lot of my friends, most of whom I usually only get to see at conventions.  Some fairly new (like Erica, who I had been friends with for about a year, though we never started regularly talking until a few months prior), some I have known for years (like Ash, Adam, Simone and Pher, to name a few).

Friday came soon enough and even though sleep was surprisingly hard to come by, I still managed to obtain a fair amount of alertness (praise be to coffee) and arrived at the con site at around 10:30 in the morning.  Since I had already picked up my badge the day before during my lunch break at work, surely there’d be nothing to do yet, right?


Actually, I found plenty to do.  Since this was a new venue for Kitsune Kon, that meant a completely new room arrangement and taking advantage of the opportunity, wandered around a bit to familiarize myself with the layout.  It was in the midst of my Recon walk that the first batch of Random run-ins with friends occurred.  Lea had arrived not too long before our run-in, I recall also running into Ashley early as well.  This also marked the first of many run-ins/adventures with the adorably short Erica (who as it turned out was as Geek.Kon as well, we just never realized we were in the same place).

Pher was ready and raring to go for Otaku Tonights’ run of panels.  They didn’t have an Otaku Tonight with Professor Pher show at Kitsune this year, but they had a few other panels going, most notably a Triple Threat of events Friday night that started with what would be one of FOUR “Whose Line” style panels by various people throughout the weekend.  This, in fact, brought me to the first thing that made things feel kinda off.  I understand you have to fill up a Panel schedule somehow and it may have simply a case of panel submissions being light.  But to have FOUR panels that are have the exact same premise?  Yeah.  :/

Anyhoo, since there was gonna be a bit of time yet before the Geek.Kon table was going to be set up, me and Erica headed over to the Photoshoot area, as there were already Photoshoots starting at Noon.  She was mainly there for the Nintendo shoot at 1pm and how could you not be excited about this:


It’s Super Effective!  😉

After some picture snappage, we made our way to the Video Game Room in order to get our Rockband on, which brings me to Problem #2.  The Rockband gear was in a rather shoddy state.  One guitar was missing the shoulder strap, the pads on one of the drumsets kept falling off and Erica’s mic had issues of its own.  We did game a little bit more, but it was soon time to head to the Geek.Kon table for the first of my shifts that weekend.

It was a fairly uneventful shift mostly, save for being amused by the line that formed for the Vendor Room that was soon to open and the guy cosplaying as Foxy from Five Nights At Freddy’s who was being interviewed by the local Fox affiliate station. Once that was over and done with, it was time to head to the Vendor Room for myself to see what the buzz was about.  I absolutely loved how spacious the Vendor Room/Artist Alley area was this year, even in spite of the lack of Pocky, Ramune and Power Rangers/Tokusatsu items (only such item was a severely overpriced MMPR Legacy Morpher in a fairly roughed up box).  But not all was lost on this trip, as I was able to score a Fenekin plushie for Erica.  I also found Autumn at her Artist Alley table and we to chatting for a bit before I noticed one of her dino plushies had the logo from Power Rangers Dino Thunder/Abaranger on it.  Abaranger now proudly sits on top of my tv next to my Good Luck Dragonzord.

Once that was done, it was time for a quick stop at the first of the Autograph sessions (it was Richard Epcar and Ellyn Stern at the session) before another run-in with Ash, which entailed a dinner date I had promised her a few weeks prior.  She showed up for it cosplaying as Pinkie Pie.


A natural fit.  😛

Good times were had and delicious food was consumed, but we were soon on our way to Main Programming for 2 of Otaku Tonight’s panels, picking Erica up along the way. First up was the classic “Whose Line Is It Anime?” and in case you’re not familiar with the concept, check this video out for a rough idea, I’ll be here still.  😛


Nick, your Allspark is showing.  😉

Save for a rather awkward stumbling through the Irish Drinking Song game, it was a pretty hilarious performance from everybody.  Their next panel, Match Game (the same one I won at Geek.Kon) was equally as epic with Brandon’s Macho Man impersonation at one point during the panel being the event’s highlight.  Me Erica and Ashley eventually ended up parting ways as I headed over for the Tales of Con Horror panel. And as is the case with them, nothing could be recorded or shared.  But you had to be there, it was good. I could tell you though that Adam was there at the panel and we cruised on over to the Video Game Room to get our FIFA on.  But since I wasn’t on Staff, I had to bring my copy from home since they didn’t have one of their own.  I got dominated pretty hardcore in both instances losing 0-1 in the Traditional Tottenham-Fulham match and 0-3 in the MLS matchup (Seattle Sounders-Sporting KC).  But I soon had to leave for the evening to head home, which just felt weird on so many levels.  Even Erica thought that was kind of odd (as I was texting her in the car ride home), which (evidently) prompted her to suggest possible crash space.  But the problem with that was the person she could ask was already asleep by then so she’d have to wait until tomorrow to ask him.


Professor Layton is just simply directing you over to Page 2.


  1. Michelle · April 9, 2015

    I love how I’m directing people to the next page! It made me laugh. Thanks for featuring me in your recap!!

    ~Professor Hershel Layton


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