GR2 Weekly- Feburary 15, 2015 Edition

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15 Feburary 2015

Well, well!  Looks like it is once again Sunday and we’re already halfway through the 2nd month of 2015!  How has 2015 treated you all so far?  It’s been a slight improvement on my end thus far for the most part.  Just looking forward to Kitsune Kon and No brand Con and the chance to hang out with friends I normally don’t get to see too often.  Heck, that’s pretty much half the reason I go to cons these days.  In the meantime, however, there’s this blog to look forward to.  Among the lowlights in the Geek World this time around: The sad loss of Space Ghost voice actor Gary Owens, Square Enix’s boneheaded decision to parody a disgraced scientist in one of its latest browser games, the Turkish government making the baffling assumption that Minecraft of all games leads to violence problems, more problems in the eSports world when a prominent League of Legends player tried to quit their team (and the freakout that resulted), and some Ouya-based incentives for the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter kinda fall short of its promise.  Meanwhile, some of its highlights include a team of scientists and engineers in India who successfully launched a probe into the orbit of Mars, how science can also help you find that elusive bastard named Waldo in a short amount of time, the fact that we will finally get to see Spider-Man in marvel movies, Bruce Campbell’s newly announced co-stars for the upcoming Evil Dead TV series, and an MMA fighter who “Hadoukens” his opponent before proceeding to beat the ever loving stuffing out of him.  Ladies and germs, the following is what drew my ire and praise this time in the cycle….

Geek Rant of the Week

It’s not often I venture too far away from anything hardcore Geeky for my Rant, but since I know a lot of us geeks watch Family Guy, I can make an exception here.  I also tend to roll my eyes whenever the PTC (Parents Television Council) bitches and complains about something they found “offensive” on TV.  But once again, I can make an exception.  Now you are probably wondering what the two have in common?  Well, the PTC has (on waaaayyyyyyy too many occasions to keep count of anymore) issued a statement involving last Sunday’s episode, which made light of, of all things, statutory rape.


In the aforementioned episode, Quagmire ends up in jail (and subsequently on trial) for having sex with someone he thought was a 23-year old gal, but who actually turns out to be only 15.  What would likely end up certain doom for Quahog’s #1 pervert ends up as an acquittal after his “Born-again Christian” mother gives the judge the blowjob to end all blowjobs.  This is what the PTC had to say about it:

“We believe that Family Guy’s description of this explicit sexual terminology violates the broadcast indecency law. And we believe that joking about statutory rape, as Family Guy did throughout this episode, exceeds contemporary community standards of decency for the broadcast medium,” PTC president Tim Winter said in a statement. “As such, we urge our members, as well as other Americans who agree that the broadcast was legally indecent, to file formal indecency complaints with the FCC.”

“Sexual assault is an increasingly troubling problem across America,” Winter added. “Joking about child rape on TV shows and using such patently offensive sexual dialogue – especially when they air at such an early hour and when they attract such a young viewing audience – is a gross violation of a broadcast licensee’s public interest obligation.”

As much as I’ve mocked them in the past (not on here, but with various friends over the years), I have to side with the PTC on this one.  Yes, it may be statutory rape.  But RAPE IS RAPE.  It is not something to be mocked or joked about.  Hell, even the folks behind Cards Against Humanity go out of their way to avoid rape humor these days. And they’ve come out with some pretty offensive shit.  Seth MacFarlane, what the actual fuck were you thinking!?!?!?  For someone who was smart enough to help fund Cosmos, this was a pretty damn stupid thing for you to allow.

You just lost a viewer.  Hope you’re happy with yourself.

Geek Rave of the Week

And now for something infinitely more pleasant. And by pleasant, I mean My Little Pony.

And by My Little Pony, I mean the supremely awesome, ultra fantastic, just-newly-released trailer for Season 5!


Well stated, Bulk Biceps.  Very well stated.

While the trailer doesn’t get too terribly specific about Season 5’s major storyline (nor does it give a specific release date outside of the general “Spring 2015” that’s been stated for weeks now), there is plenty to take from it.  Apparently, something causes a special kind of map to magically appear in the roundtable area of Princess Twilight’s castle that prompts the ponies to engage on a high-risk journey of some sort.  It also seems to indicate the journey somehow factors in the Elements of Harmony, as well as the chest that sprouted from the Tree of Harmony during last season.  But perhaps one of the most noteworthy things in the trailer is one of the stops in their journey: a village full of (as a MLP fan described it) “Stepford Ponies” who all bear the same Cutie Mark, an equality symbol sign (no doubt a nod to the same symbol used for marriage equality).  There is one other thing  in one of the trailer’s scenes to point out that I admit I missed at first until someone on the MLP official Facebook page noted it and here it is in image form:


*cue dramatic music*

Wether this is just simply a nod to the character of Aira Blaze (from MLP Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks) or the character plays a prominent role in the season is just pure speculation at this point.  But you can bet your two front hooves that Bronies and pegasisters everywhere are gonna pay close attention to this.  All we can do now is wait.

Well, my fellow geeks and geekettes across the interwebs, that brings this blogiside of GR2 Weekly to a most satisfying end.  And as I tend to enjoy mentioning every chance I get, should you have any suggestions for what I should Rant and/or Rave about (please suggest away, I promise I won’t bite), feel free to message me and you are equally as encouraged to post much linkage on the official GR2 Weekly Facebook page.  See you next week!  While you’re still here, though, be sure to check out and Vote Up Lemme Addams everybody.  Sonny Strait will be a happy person.  😛

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