ACEN 2016: Welcome to the Big Time (Part 3)

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With our seats secured (Yeah, the front of the half room was for those who wanted to sit on the floor, but not with my bad back) it was almost time to enjoy another of ACEN’s trademark events, Anime Hell! But first, some pics from the pre-show hilarity.


In the first race, Hot Ryu barely managed to outrace Stick and Trump’s hair.  It’s alright, Stick got redemption in the rematch.  😛


Seems legit enough to me.


At least my spoon wasn’t too big. 

I’m not even sure how I can justifiably describe the hilarity and fuggery that was Anime Hell.  It was just one of those things you had to be there for to truly take in.  But undoubtedly, the highlight of the event came when they aired a clip of a really obscure cartoon called Super president, which was followed up by them stating that they though THIS man would make for a great Super President……..


Sega Saturn, shiro!!

Best: Late Night Adventures, Part 1.

As much as I wanted to stick around for the 2nd part of the Doubleheader (Midnight Madness followed it right away), I wanted to wander the grounds some more in search of some late night entertainment.  I think there were a late night panel or two that seemed intriguing, but seeing as I hadn’t checked out the video game room much at all yet, now seemed the ideal time to do so.  While the console side of the room wasn’t all too much to write home about, it was the Arcade side of the room that really stood out, especially all the crazy Japanese arcade games.  One of them, I kid you not, involved flipping tables!!!!  I can’t read Kanji to save my life, but from what I could gather, the game presented you with various scenarios where you just end up getting fed up with your surroundings.  So you respond the way you knew how: pounding on the table and flipping it to cause widespread destruction.  Fun times.  The one game I got a real blast from was something that was pretty much Taiko Drum Master 2.0 (as it included a motion camera for each player which periodically prompted you to do various poses during songs).

Naturally, I stumbled across the opening theme to Kamen Rider Fourze and absolutely nailed it.


Worst: Cold Feet (literally).

As much as I wanted to try to get at least 4 hours of sleep in (never made it to bed until around 3am), the fact that the room’s cold air vent was positioned directly across from where my air mattress was made sure I woke up early all 3 mornings we were there.  Not to mention the cold air exposure left me with a wicked cold I had to deal with for the next week afterwards.  But I guess it did 100% enable me to ensure I made it to the Toku for Beginners panel (this wasn’t Touma’s.  Her other toku panel was actually in a different room afterwards, but I spaced it until well after the fact).  Worth it, maybe?  -shrugs-

Best: Panel Surfing and Things long overdue

I had plenty of time to kill early on in the day between the toku panel, so it was high time for another Dealer Hall run (followed by another short table shift later in the day), which saw a run-in with Kitsune Kon chair Afro Hammer, who was more than happy to tell the story of how he (almost literally) stumbled into his newfound position.  And speaking of more than happy………


Seeing as I had to kill more time until the Tokusatsu photoshoot, I took the chance to take care of something I completely neglected to do during my time in Japan: Play Pachinko.  There were maybe only 8 or 9 machines (a very minor Worst for that), but it was still plenty to see how the game has evolved over the decades. I only gave it one go (you did have to pay for the Pachinko balls because the game is casino-like in nature) and I didn’t last too long, but it felt so damn good to cross that item off my Bucket List.  The one other panel I was able to attend until the wee hours of the morning, titled “Let’s Form A Stand-Alone Complex!, was basically one big Philosophy discussion as it pertained to the GitS shows.  Admittedly, a lot of it was pretty over my head (I only took one Intro class in college), but it’s always nice to see someone know their stuff.


Best: Killer Toku!!!

In what was one of the more memorable parts of my weekend, the one photoshoot I could attend (that didn’t conflict with anything), the Tokusatsu photoshoot.  While it provided another run-in with Touma, it was also a chance to (albeit briefly) meet up with other Toku-loving FB friends including, Brock, Keith (who was still involved with Henshin Justice Unlimited last I checked) and Saija (who runs the totally awesome Japan Hero Collectibles that you must check out).  Some photo highlights (again):


Dapper Ichigo is most dapper.


If the Green MMPR Ranger got the Season 3 treatment.  Love the look.


Instant Classic.

And speaking of original concepts, these guys pretty much stole the show…..


Ladies and gentlemen, Hoenn Sentai PokeRanger!!!

Best: Ultimate Decisions

After the short table stint that saw me spend most of it fighting off some major exhaustion, I made a run to the hotel room for PB sammitches and Ramen, checking ACEN’s schedule on my phone’s Gudebook app while I contemplated what I wanted to do next.  It was still a couple of hours away, but seeing as I love taking cosplay pics, what better chance than to see how the big cons like ACEN do their Masquerades.  I texted Adam in hopes he’d might join along, but I did end up flying it solo, as much as I tend do to at conventions.  Time to see how things look on the big stage.


Let’s follow these attendees to the 4th and final (not to mention most pic-heavy) page of this Recap.


ACEN 2016: Welcome to the Big Time (Part 2)

Basic CMYK

Worst: You’re killing me, smalls!

In what was probably the ONE major problem I had with the staff this year, I made my way over to the Panel Room area to get in line for my friend Touma’s panel on Ultraman at 9am (because just about EVERYTHING has a line at ACEN, as I quickly experienced firsthand) only to discover that they were letting NOBODY anywhere near the panel rooms until right around 9.  And yes, that even included the panelists themselves.  Considering one gal I spoke to had her panel at 8:45, you can see where this might cause some justifiable grief.


Best, with only a small dash of Worst: So much to do, nowhere near enough time to do it in.

One of the best things about conventions like ACEN was that there were panels and photoshoots that covered quite literally everything under the geeky sun.  But alas, so much of what I wanted to check out ran at the same time, so I had to make do with what I could.  But at least nothing conflicted with the Ultraman panel.  Not a whole lot to say about the panel itself, but it was a good primer and introduction to one of the older Toku franchises.  Fun times had by all.  :3


Worst: Needle In A Haystack

In what was perhaps the only other semi-major problem I had with ACEN all convention long, it came during my initial run through the Dealer Hall, searching for Tokusatsu merchandise.  With as big of a convention as ACEN is, you would think there’d be at least a somewhat decent representation for Tokusatsu in the Dealer Hall, right?


That big of a Dealer Hall and the ONLY Toku merch I found (outside of an Ultraman shirt I found at another table on Sunday) was one measly tub on the floor that only contained 12-inch non-poseable Vinyl figures.  But yet, there were at least 4 vendors that sold exclusively (or nearly exclusively) various hentai merch.


Best: Vendor Run and Table time!

The Vendor Run wasn’t a total waste though.  Picked up some gifts for the folks, bought Trae’s new UnCONventional book, spent some time at Bal’s Artist table and after a missed opportunity to do so at Ohayocon 2007, got to finally meet Brion Foulke, the webcomic artist behind that fantasy series Flipside (and bought a shirt from him in the process).  Awesome dude, he is.

The good bulk of my afternoon consisted of a couple of shifts at Geek.Kon’s ambassador table (the aforementioned vendor run was in between the two shifts).  It was pretty much your basic table shift (a couple pf pre-reg’s while I was there) with two notable exceptions.  The first came early on in the shift, when Pher (who was at the Nerd & Tie Expo table) had to run off somewhere for a short time.  And considering ACEN has a fairly strict policy that the tables have to be manned at all times while the Dealer Hall is open, he needed somebody to fill in.  So I ended up getting to shill for NEXPO for about 5 or 10 minutes.  Fun times.  I also wasn’t the only one, as Adam got to babysit the Kitsune Kon table for a time later on in the weekend.



Best: Surprise photo ops.

There were just so many good chances at photos this weekend.  Between my table shifts, the Tokusatsu shoot, the Masquerade this is definitely going to be one the more photo-heavy Recaps.  Among the best of the table photos:


Dude even had the voice down for Dark Helmet.  At least he wasn’t surrounded by Assholes this time(it’s a Spaceballs thing).


In a convention that also saw crossovers aplenty, these Sailor Scout Clone Troopers were certainly up there.


The Broforce was strong with these two warriors.


And then there’s this guy.  😛

Best: CONCERT TIME!!!!!!

Considering how full Main Programming was gonna get and how quickly for the Eir Aoi concert, me and Adam left the table early and made our way to the line a solid 90 minutes ahead of time.  Even then, the line had wrapped around a fair ways.  My entertainment options were somewhat limited as my 3DS was out of charge and my phone was hooked up to a recharge pod, but it turned out there was a fellow Tottenham supporter in the line with us, so we were able to talk soccer for a while.  I sadly couldn’t take any pics (it was policy that pics and video couldn’t be recorded of the concert, which is understandable) during the concert itself……


…but that didn’t mean I couldn’t get a selfie in while they were still seating people.  😉

For the unfamiliar, you might recognize some of Eir’s music in animes such as Sword Art Online, Fate/Zero, Kill la Kill and even the PS Vita game Digimon World: Next Order.  The concert itself was just absolutely mind-blowing…and I nearly blew out my vocal cords from all the yelling and cheering.  Well, they did sort of allow ONE picture at the end which you can see here on her FB page.


Worst: Car Troubles and Anime Hell, a combination made in WHERE exactly?

So while security wasn’t letting anybody get in line for another of ACEN’s mainstay events, Anime Hell, until half an hour beforehand, me and Adam stopped back by the room.  It was while we were chilling in the room that I received some rather distressing news.  Seemed the water pump on the Camry went to hell and it wasn’t even a certainty my sis’ car could make the trip either, possibly leaving me without transport back from Columbus to green bay.   I HAD to try to enjoy myself now, cause lord knows what else could happen (fortunately in the end, the folks were able to pick me up from Columbus that Sunday night).


To find out what this madness is, take a trip over to Page 3.

ACEN 2016: Welcome to the Big Time

Basic CMYK

Well, it certainly has been a long time, hasn’t it?  Last convention I attended/staffed was all the way back at Geek.Kon in August of last year. A long, agonizing nine months has passed since, but wait no more!  I bring you the first of this year’s Convention Recaps (and the first out-of-state con I attended in over 9 years), featuring none other than the beast that is Anime Central!  Feel free to Like and Share this Recap and hopefully, this Recap is what will finally get me off to write that book I wanted to start on many a moon ago.


A slight Worst, but Mostly Best: Change of Plans

The wait wasn’t supposed to be as long as it was between cons, as I had plans for C2E2 (which was a couple months prior), but a falling out with a long-since former friend trainwrecked those plans.  And as much as the thought of backing off on my No Brand hiatus immediately crossed my mind, it wasn’t long before Adam came to the rescue.  He had a couple spare badges for Geek.Kon’s table in the Exhibitor Hall at ACEN and was more than willing to let me have one, provided I spent some time at the table and slept on the floor of their group’s hotel room.  Seeing as I still had the air mattress handy from Geek.Kon, that wasn’t any issue.
It’s awesome things like this is why I’m making him my Best Man if I ever end up walking down the aisle with someone.  IF being the key word there.

Fast Forward to the day before the trip.  In spite of all my early prep, I was readying myself for a very short sleep, as I had to hold off on the last batch of pre-con shopping until the aforementioned night before.  But as I was over half an hour over my hours for the week, work asked me to leave early so I wouldn’t end up going into Overtime.


Safe to say, I was perfectly okay with it in this instance.


Technically not a Best, but too hilarious to be a Worst: Directions.


Being driven to Adam’s by my sister Vicki (who you’ll see more from in the upcoming Kitsune Kon Recap) and a friend of hers, we finally made it out of Green Bay around 10:30 to try to make it to his place around 12-12:30.  I had directions printed out so that we could make it there just in time.  But my sister and thought taking an alternate route would be even quicker.  I ended up arriving at Adam’s about 45 minutes behind schedule.  We all got a good laugh out of it though, but the misdirection wouldn’t have been as prolonged if not for…….


Worst: Pigs on parade


Seriously.  Were there Dunkin Donuts gift cards on the line or something?  It wasn’t Memorial Day weekend nor was it the end of the month, so what other plausible explanation could there be for the dozen or so squad cars  we saw along the way?  I kid you not, literally every 10 minutes a new one popped up out of nowhere, a few of which already had other cars pulled over.  It hardly got any better once I met up with Adam’s bunch.  I counted about another 6 or 7 between Columbus and Chicago.  Well, at least when I wasn’t busy catching up on my Toku shows on my laptop/tablet.


Best: The Mitsuwa Experience

For anybody who goes to Anime Central, I was always told (especially from reading Adam’s Recaps back when he still did them) you just had to make a stop at the Mitsuwa Marketplace on the way in.  In truth, Adam had actually considered skipping it entirely this year.  But since this was my first year at ACEN, he decided at least one more trip to Mitsuwa was in order.  Mitsuwa is basically a Japanese mall of sorts complete with grocery store, food court, video and book stores (complete with English-translated manga section) and even a Liquor store.  But before we hit up the food court (which enabled me to get my first genuine bowl of curry since my Japan days in the Air Force), there was another subsection with various pastries.  You can kinda sorta see what I got at the end of this Instagram video clip.


Best: Operation: Check-in.


Seeing as were already on a fairly tight deadline, we needed to both get checked into our room and get our Exhibitor badges before Adam, Simone and Deanna had to leave to attend a certain invite-only event they were to partake in.  So with those three on Room Duty, it was up to me and AJ to secure the badges.


And these were the Early Birds.


Okay, so that part wasn’t too terribly hard.  We snatched them up almost as soon as we got to the hall.  I was soon summoned back to the van so I could meet up with Adam to get Geek.Kon’s table set up.  Trae himself popped by at one point for some crap shooting, as he was going to be quite busy himself between his Artist Alley table and Nerd & Tie Expo’s table throughout the weekend.  At a convention well out of one’s comfort zone, it’s always reassuring to see at least a couple of familiar faces.  Wether it was The Herald outside the VGR that Thursday night, Maggie after the Ultraman panel on Friday or the likes of Keith, Saija or Brock at the Tokusatsu photoshoot that Saturday, it’s always good to see them.


Yes, Geek.Bot.  That includes you.  😛

Worst: Anxiety’s a b**ch.

As anybody else who suffers from depression and anxiety can relate to, being in unfamiliar surroundings can often lead to trigger an episode or two.  And it did.  At least twice (that I could recall).  First was after Anime Hell (more on that later) on Friday and the other was after the Masquerade on Saturday.  Lucky for me though, I could count on the hotel room being calm and relaxing.  Well, that and coincidentally, I would need to quick charge my 3ds and/or phone a bit by that point.  Two birds with one stone, I suppose.


What lies in here?  Find out on Page 2.

ACEN 2016: Welcome to the Big Time (Part 4)

Basic CMYK

Meh: Lines and Camera Pains

I’m not sure why I ended up deleting it, but the line I was in for Masquerade seating that I took a photo of had already spilled out into the sidewalk outside of Main Programming……and the event itself wasn’t even for another two+ hours.  How I even managed as quasi-decent of a seat as I was able to get is beyond me, but I’ll take what I can get.  The weekend (and the Masquerade in particular) made for a bit of an adjustment period as I was trying to get used to the various settings on my phone’s camera.  It’s why I initially ended up with over 600 pics.

Best: Masquerade Photo Spam


Like I said, adjustment period.  There was a gal cosplaying as Dark Magician Girl as well with this entry.


As much as I was a Sailor Jupiter guy, Mars’ sass always had a special place in my geeky heart.  😛


Wow.  Just WOW.


This made me want some Guilmon Bread.


A cute little Destiny skit that ended in a swerve in the form of a marriage proposal (she said yes).  Some may be disturbed by the idea, but I think it’s cute.  #BeliefsOfAHopelessRomantic


We notice you.  😉


And yet, this Black Mage cosplayer was one of the big winners.  It was certainly something else.


Best: Late Night Adventures, Part 2.

Saturday night proved to be slightly more eventful.  While the nightly vgr room trip consisted of little more than bombing hard on a semi truck arcade game and pairing up with a random congoer on a rhythm-based arcade shooter, it was the surprising variety (and quality) of late-night panels that stole the show.  The first of two panels I attended was a hilarious look at all the tropes and “physics” of Sports Animes.  While a good chunk of the panel did focus on Free! and some other recent one about competitive cycling, it was great to see Eyeshield 21 make a couple appearances.  Panel #2 was an entertaining, profanity-laced look at Horror video games.  I might get to playing one or two them if I can ever work up the courage to.  Also maybe playing them in the bright of day.

I do also have to give a Supplemental Best to the group of congoers who decided to host their own outdoor Rave.  Nobody complained (that I’m aware of) and if you’ve ever been at a con rave, it’s not for those who have more sensitive noses (including if you first walk into the room once the rave is well underway).  Kudos to them.

Worst: Is It That Time Already?

I’m only giving this a very soft Worst because it’s a feeling one can almost never get used to: that feeling of dread that tends to surface the Sunday of conventions.  Almost a pre-emptive Post-con Depression, if you will.  One of these days, I will find a way to properly combat it.  But, if any of you have any concrete suggestions, please feel free to send them my way.


Perhaps I can consult Master Splinter and Usagi Yojimbo for some sage advice.

Best-ish: Last Call

Pretty much the entirety of the afternoon (post room check-out) was a fast-paced whirl between table time, a final vendor run, a Kingdom Hearts panel and a last go-round in the vgr.  The vendor run enabled one more gift purchase, the KH panel was fun (and slightly spoiler-iffic) and while the one thing I wanted to check out in the vgr (the old school arcade machines) again were already unplugged and packed up by the time I got there (hence the “-ish”), there was this amusing sight while observing some people playing on the Pokken Tournament cabinets…


Yo Dawg.  I heard you like Charizard…..

Best: Holy Wa!

In what was perhaps THE most mind-blowing moment of the entire convention, I was engaged in conversation with one of the ACEN staffers while in line at the Starbucks at the Convention Center.  According to her, just ON FRIDAY ALONE they had an  Attendance of over 24,000.  And this was an event that last year dew a Unique Member Attendance of over 31,000!  While there hasn’t been any final numbers posted yet as of the time of the posting of the Recap, I’ll be interested to see what happens.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they hit over 35,000.

Last, but certainly not least: One Final Photo Dump


FF7 poloygonic character cosplay is Best FF7 Cosplay.


And the award for Most Surprising Cosplay Appearance goes to……these two.  I honestly never expected to see Angelic Layer cosplay anywhere these days.


Even Kung Fu Panda got some representation at ACEN.


One way to display your Ranger Swag.


Artist Guest Eric Maruscak spent his ACEN Weekend on this giant rendition of ACEN’s program guide cover.  Truly a thing of beauty.



That wraps this up.  See you all at Kitsune Kon!!!!!

GR2 Weekly- Super Delayed 22nd November 2015 Edition


22 November 2015

Evening to you all!  This is Richard “Azzy” Englebert here ready and able to present to you the newest installment of GR2 Weekly!  I once again apologize for the obscene lateness of this edition, but as you will soon see, I have a very good reason for this particular delay.  So with that in mind, we’re just gonna get right to the meat and potatoes of the blog.  Do read on.

Geek Rave of the Week

There are few things out there that have the bonding potential of video games, especially if it’s parent-child bonding.  Well, one Eli Jewett and his dad do enjoy the time they spend together gaming, wether it be Diablo III or Civilization V or even Portal from time to time.  However, there is one thing that limits their experience: Eli’s dad can only use one of his arms.  Because of this limitation, there have been some games where they’ve had to split the duties in order to play the game.  But as stated in a Gamespot article, one particular game has proven too tough for even them to split the work: Skyrim.


So, Eli took to Reddit to find a solution to their dilemma.  An individual by the name of Chris Hepburn saw Eli’s request (for a one-handed Steam controller configuration) and coule only reply with the approximation of…


While the challenge was indeed quite a difficult one, Chris was eventually able to come up with a configuration using a mix of buttons on the controller’s right side and motion controls that you can see in this YouTube video.  Chris subsequently offered to Eli that he’ll make any needed tweaks that may arise should his dad have any issues.  I hope that makes you feel pretty good, because what comes next is a bit of a mixed bag at best.


Geek Rant of the Week

First off, for the few of you who have just recently either “Liked” the Facebook page for GR2 Weekly and/or recently followed me on Tumblr and WordPress, I can only say:


I’ve been doing this blog as a hobby of mine for what would have been 2 years on January 19th 2016.  I say “would have been” because, quite frankly, I’ve been in a state of near total burnout for the last couple of months.  So yeah, this will be (for quite some time, at least) the final installment of GR2 Weekly.
I’ve just gotten to the point between the weekly deadlines and stressors from both work and other things in my life, it’s become pretty much impossible to carry this on.  But between a group of Gamergaters who photoshopped an innocent Canadian to make him look like an Islamic State extremist and the upcoming edition of The Game Awards having only ONE female judge out of a panel of 32 judges, I definitely had my prime choice of candidates for Ranting. However, I ultimately figured this section would be better suited to explain my reasoning and future plans for both the GR2 Weekly FB page and what I will be doing moving forward.

First thing I will now do is explain the immediate future plans.  While I did earlier mention my state of burnout, I just couldn’t give up on the blog just yet because I do enjoy writing very, very much.  What I needed was another way to engage in the activity.  Then a few nights ago, as I was laying down in bed, the light bulb finally switched on.  I knew what I wanted to do.

I wanted to write a book.


Yeah, pretty damn crazy, I know.  I haven’t even started primary research for my book and I have already run into a good amount of self-doubt about the project.  But through the support of some of my close friends and another friend who has already offered to read and edit said book for me, I’m gonna go ahead and give this book idea a shot.

So you are probably asking yourself at the moment “Well, what does this mean for the future of the Facebook page for GR2 Weekly?”  I’ll explain exactly what this means.  I have no intentions of completely shutting down the page (or even the Tumblr and WordPress blogs).  I may very well still post some linkage with the occasional mini-blog entry if I do feel like it.  Also, the FB Page will get renamed Azzy’s Geeky Galaxy to more accurately reflect the current state of events.  In regards to the book, I don’t have much more than a vague idea of what I want to write about, but it’s enough to get me started.  As I make any kind of significant progress on the book, I’ll be sure to keep you posted.  The big question is how I’m gonna get the son-of-a-gun published once it’s finally done.  But I’m not even going to sweat that now.  I’ll just cross that bridge when I get there.  However, if any of you reading this know of anybody who might be able to help me with that, please feel free to give me a heads-up.  I would very much appreciate it.


Well, my fellow geeks and geekettes across the interwebs, that brings this final edition of Geek Rave and Geek Rant Weekly to its conclusion.  It’s been one hell of a ride the last couple of years, for both the good times and the bad.  And if I was able to even entertain any of you even just a tiny smidge, then it was all worth it.  But to quote a line from the Semisonic song “Closing Time”: “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”   Until next time (whenever that may be)….,


GR2 Weekly- 15 Nov 2015 Edition


15 November 2015

Good evening!  Welcome to the latest blogisode of GR2 Weekly!  First off, for those of you who will be at Daisho Con this weekend, I am so insanely jealous of you.  While you’re there, I HIGHLY suggest you check out The Slants when they perform at the convention (make sure you tell Simon I say hi).  I can’t be there, so one of you needs to for me.  😛

But for the rest of the Geek World, you have the tragically continuing whitewashing of the upcoming Ghost In The Shell movie with it’s latest cast announcement.  There’s also the tale of someone who antagonized a silverback gorilla to the point it cracked its glass enclosure.  Then you also have the fact that the Jem and the Holograms movie managed to underwhelm so horrifically in the box office, it got pulled just a mere TWO WEEKS after its release.  But on the bright side, we’ll have a national Video Game Museum in Frisco, Texas open next month.  Secondly, there’s the fact that Final Fantasy 7’s very own Cloud will soon be available as a DLC fighter for Super Smash Bros.  And thanks to the new Prime Minister in Canada, scientists there can now freely speak to the media about any and all of its findings without fear of government backlash.  As good (and bad as those were), this is what topped their respective lists this week.

Geek Rant of the Week

Within the past couple of months, no recently released game has come out with much more hype than the long-awaited Fallout 4, which just came out a few days ago.  The post-apocalyptic shooter game has come with generally positive reviews and even caused a significant drop in traffic on porn website PornHub on the day of the game’s launch.  But that’s not what we’re Ranting about here.  No, instead it’s the employees of a certain retail store chain who draw the virtual wrath this week.

In celebration of the game, soda company Jones Soda planned a limited-run release of the game’s Nuka Cola Quantum (basically a relabeled version of another Jones Soda flavor), much to the joy of the games’ fans.  But there seems to be a bit of a problem with this.


As much as people want to enjoy the soda, Target stores (the retail chain the deal was made with for the Fallout sodas) were having the hardest times keeping them in stock, often listing them as out of stock and unavailable for online shipping (a fact I can personally attest to, as I tried looking it up myself).  Now I can understand there being the occasional problem with stock issues, but for it to be this consistent would require a level of such ineptitude, words would fail to properly describe it.  With as big of a game as this was gonna be, you would think they would have tried to make at least some sort of preparations for demand.  As it turns out, however, it’s not so much Corporate’s total fault as it is that of their store employees.

In a gameranx article, nuymerous users of the message board site Reddit have reported and speculated that Target employees themselves have been buying up all the soda to resell on Ebay.  This what a recent ebay search turned up:


The worst part?  Listings for the soda have gone up as high as $150……..with people buying it!!!!!!  With some of the employees hoarding the sodas, compound that with an inconsistent policy on sales limits (some stores don’t even have a cap on how much you can buy) compounding the problem, the end result? The end result, my friends, is a bunch of disappointed fans who may never get the chance to enjoy this particular bit of carbonated goodness.  For those of you who were dickish enough to pull this stunt off (doubly dickish if you were one of the Target employees), I have but one thing for you:


Geek Rave of the Week

If you are one of those who enjoy the card and board variety of gaming, you know above all else to support your local game shops whenever you can.  While Retail and online stores have a certain extent of variety (some though you can only get via online means), the experience at actual brick and mortar game shops provide an experience second to none.  From various community outreach events to regular sanctioned leagues for card games, game shops are the place to be.


You think so too, don’t you Squidward?  😉

It would just so happen my local game shop, Gnome Games, recently held a “Thanksgaming” event at it’s Green Bay East location this past Saturday.  On top of having a couple gaming companies on hand to demo some of their latest fares (one such gentleman literally thrusted a business card into my hand as I was waiting for my friend Brooke to arrive), people were encouraged to partake in games all day long, both from their own collection and whatever people brought along.  The pie?  Oh yeah, the pie was very much present (and equally as delicious).  E-mail subscribers were in for a trat, as they (prior to the event) received a 10% off coupon.  But everybody who made at least a $10 purchase received a “Little Black Envelope”, which is good for redemption from November 27th-29th and might include discounts or even a $100 shopping spree………provided that said envelope wasn’t messed with beforehand.

My own personal experience didn’t consist of a whole lot outside of the forced business card, a few rounds of Magic: The Gathering and even a run-in with a couple other friends (I had work later on in the day, so I couldn’t stay very long), but the environment was very arm and friendly.  Speaking of “warm and friendly, they also have an event that takes place this coming Saturday centered around the My Little Pony CCG simply titled “My Little Pony CCG – Share ‘n’ Care”.


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Entry to said casual league event is a mere 3 items of unexpired non-perishable food items and starts at 10am.  I’ve never played the CCG myself and I do work that day, but I may still be inclined to give things a go.  :3


Well, my fellow geeks and geekettes across the interwebs, that brings this blogiside of GR2 Weekly to a most satisfying end.  And as I tend to enjoy mentioning every chance I get, should you have any suggestions for what I should Rant and/or Rave about (please suggest away, I promise I won’t bite), feel free to message me and you are equally as encouraged to post much linkage on the official GR2 Weekly Facebook page.  See you next week!  While you’re still here, though, be sure to check out and Vote Up Lemme Addams everybody.  Sonny Strait will be a happy person.  😛

GR2 Weekly- 01 and 08 November 2015 Double Post Edition


A pleasant Sunday to everyone out there!  I hope you’re all doing well.  As you might have guessed, it’s finally time for another blogisode of GR2 Weekly!  Since this week’s edition will be a Double Post, we’ll skip the usual intro and get right down to the nitty gritty.  So without much further delay, on with the show!

Part 1: 01 November 2015

Geek Rant of the Week

YouTube certainly has come under a slight bombardment of criticism partially due to its new YouTube RED service.  But this time, its not so much YouTube itself that’s under critical fire, but rather the game company Atlas that is drawing the Internet’s ire.  It’s a sadly common practice for game and tv companies to be super-protective of their properties, often resorting to hitting people with claims of copyright infringement, which hit the channels with copyright strikes.  But Atlas (more specifically, it’s Japanese channel atlastube) has been going on a MASSIVE copyright striking spree.


While such things are fairly common (and equally as misclaimed), the most odd and infuriating aspect of this particular copyright strike orgy is that atlastube has been (largely) ignoring the bigger channels and targeting all the smaller ones.  And by smaller, we’re talking people like the article-featured YouTube user Linsneakers.  The dude barely has over 100 Subscribers, far from the ranks of your PewDiePie’s and Markiplier’s.  It’s the channels that people do merely as a hobby (much like hos this blog exists, purely as a hobby).  But yet, atlastube has been going after the small channels with such a severe ferocity.  It’s like trying to sick an army of attack dogs on someone who mistakingly left a pack of chewing gum in the cart when they hit the register.  So excessive.

It’s no lie either just the mere thought of filing a counterclaim for Fair Use is enough to scare people away from the idea, something I can more than attest to with the problems I had while I managed the (long since defunct) AMV Channel for Kitsune Kon when I was still with them.  But for those affected, it would seem the best thing to do Atlus USA directly ( before you proceed with doing any kind of review or Let’s Play video.

Japan, I love you guys, but you really need to take a chill pill sometimes.

Geek Rave of the Week

We’ve seen people beat games like Bloodborne and Dark Souls with Rock Band guitar controllers and we’ve even seen the latter being beat with only the power of one’s voice.  But now a new hardcore gamer has taken this challenge and turned it up to 11.  A Destiny player posted a YouTube video of one of the game’s more notorious boss battles being baten………using a Rock band Drum Set.


There really isn’t a whole lot to elaborate on here.  But as you can see in the video (if you click on the link), he uses wooden spoons instead of drumsticks (because …….reasons?) and still has to somehow utilize the directional pad o the drum set to move his character around.  I can barely beat most video games with standard controllers (or keyboard arrows in the case of higher-difficulty songs on Stepmania), let alone even attempt something like this.  My hats off to you, good sir.  Glad you were able to revel in the glory of your unique triumph.

And now for Part 2.

Part 2: 08 November 2015

Geek Rave of the Week

If you’re of a similar mindset as me, you are very much eager for the upcoming Star Wars movie.  But if you’re someone like one Daniel Fleetwood, you’re worried you may never even get a chance to see it.  For those who might be out of the loop, Mr Fleetwood suffers from Spindle Cell Sarcoma (a rare cancer he was diagnosed with in July) and was only expected to live 2 more months at the most.  So in response to his wish to see the movie before its official release, a #ForceForDaniel campaign was started on Twitter in the hopes of making his wish come true.

And you know what?  The dream became a reality.


After a retweet from Mark Hammil gave the campaign some much-needed traction, J.J. Abrams said (we assume) “Let’s do this!” and made it happen.  Ashley Fleetwod posted the following after the private screening:


Considering that Abrams previously did something similar for a terminally ill fan who had desired to see Star Trek: Into Darkness early, it was not suprising (in a good way) that he would do this once more.  So much Kudos are in order for Mr. Abrams and everyone involved for making this happen.  And everybody?  How about we let Daniel be and not nag the poor man for spoilers, mmkay?

Geek Rant of the Week

While it’s not quite the phenomenon it once was, Pokemon is still quite the big deal in the Land of the Rising Sun (so much so, they’re opening up a real-life “Pokemon Gym”).  But now a new craze is sweeping Japan in the form of the anime and game Yo-Kai Watch.  In the game, the main character, Natahan Adamsuitilizes a special watch to detect various Yokai that are causing chaos around the town and either befriend or defeat them with other Yokai.  So naturally, they found a way to bring that game to the States.  And with such, you need to advertise the game, but click on this link to see the fuggery we ended up getting.  Chances are, your reaction was somewhere along these lines as well:


And how could you not, especially after seeing these in the ad?



Really, people?  Super-impose anime facial expressions?  I understand you have a certain audience you are trying to target, but come on, man!  This is corny even by 1990’s standards!  Last time I saw something this cheezy, it was hosted my Marc Sommers and was called Double Dare.  But at least DD was entertaining.  But this commercial?  Those above 2 images I’ll be seeing in my nightmares for years to come.

As for the mandatory palet cleanser, I give to you one of the latest UpUpDownDown videos where we get to see former WWE NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks geek out over Sailor Moon and SHINee.

Well, my fellow geeks and geekettes across the interwebs, that brings this blogiside of GR2 Weekly to a most satisfying end.  And as I tend to enjoy mentioning every chance I get, should you have any suggestions for what I should Rant and/or Rave about (please suggest away, I promise I won’t bite), feel free to message me and you are equally as encouraged to post much linkage on the official GR2 Weekly Facebook page.  See you next week!  While you’re still here, though, be sure to check out and Vote Up Lemme Addams everybody.  Sonny Strait will be a happy person.  😛
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